Moms Give Breast Pump an 'Office Space'-Style Beatdown & It's Everything

office space parody
Mia Gorrell Photography

File this under: Why didn't we think of this? Mom and photographer Mia Gorrell has turned the iconic printer-smashing scene from Office Space into a call to action for moms who are ready to dump the breast pump! Or should we say smash the pump? 





The mother of three (Gorrell has 3-year-old Harper and 15-month-old twins Isabel and Grace) gathered moms from her twins group for an official pump smashing, while Mia snapped away on her camera.

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"I was inspired to do this photo shoot when I became a new mom," Mia tells CafeMom. "Breastfeeding was so much harder than I had anticipated, and I was frustrated that no one seemed to talk about it. It was supposed to be this enjoyable, natural experience, so why was I struggling so much?"

But it wasn't until she started talking to other moms that she realized she wasn't as lonely as she thought. A lot of moms were struggling, especially with the pump. 

"When I was done pumping, I felt so free and I had all this newfound time on my hands," Mia says. "I was tempted to throw my pump out the window, and that gave me the idea to have a ceremonious smashing of one as closure to the experience. I immediately made the connection to the [printer-smashing] scene in the film Office Space, and it clicked. Thus, the 'Mom Space' photo project was born!"

In case you haven't seen the movie, here's how it goes down (beware, there's some NSFW language):

Now the moms:

Mia Gorrell Photography

The ceremony wasn't just fun for Mia. There was catharsis too in letting go of societal pressures about breastfeeding. 

"My pumping experience was short-lived -- only about three or four months with my singleton and my twins," she explains. "With my first, I had postpartum depression and anxiety, and the pressure I felt to breastfeed really fed into that."
"It wasn't until I learned that it's actually okay to not breastfeed and that I wouldn't be subjecting my child to doom that I stopped," Mia says.
"With my twins, I was exclusively pumping and each session was taking at least 45 minutes, sometimes over an hour. When my husband was home, I was leaving him to watch two infants and a toddler by himself while I just sat there, attached to the pump."
Ah yes, the bliss of pumping!
"When I was home by myself with three kids, it was near impossible to find the time to pump," Mia shares. "In addition, one of my twins had horrible reflux, so [she] was spitting up a large portion of my milk and always in pain after eating. It became too much and I didn't feel guilty about switching them to formula when the time came."
Her story is all too familiar for too many moms. And maybe her idea can give you a little smash therapy too!

Thinking of smashing your pump to smithereens?

Check out more of Mia's awesome shots on her blog to get ideas to do your own! 



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