13 Ways Dads Do Parenting Better, According to Moms

Wendy Robinson | Mar 14, 2017 Being a Mom
13 Ways Dads Do Parenting Better, According to Moms
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My daughter was playing outside when she fell off her scooter and scraped up her knee. I instantly went into mom mode and was ready to kiss the owie and dry up her tears. But she walked around me to get to my husband. When it comes to kissing boo-boos, she wants Dada or nothing. 





My husband is pretty top-notch when it comes to most parenting things, but I have to give him extra props for his abilities in dealing with sick and hurt kids. If there is middle-of-the-night barfing or a kid with a split lip, he is ON IT. I can handle it, of course, but he is clearly the first-choice parent in those situations.

Sometimes I feel bad for dads. All too often they are portrayed as bumbling fools or overgrown kids when it comes to doing the actual work of parenting. We sometimes assume that moms know best and are the ones who really know what they are doing, but in doing so we ignore the fact that in a lot of families, parenting is a two-person job.

So let's celebrate the dads who are rocking it in the parenting department! We talked to 13 moms who spilled the beans on the parenting situations where it turns out the father does know best. 

  • Trusting


    "My husband does a great job of knowing when to trust our son and to let him have freedom to try new things and to make mistakes. I can be kind of a helicopter mom. But, like, last weekend he took Toby to the hardware store and let him buy some tools so he can start building his own tree house. I would never have thought Toby was ready, but [my husband] was right and Toby is having a blast." -- Marla B., Casa Grande, Arizona

  • Not Being Distracted


    "My husband is better at giving the kids undivided playtime. I feel like when I'm playing with them I'm often multitasking (laundry, cooking, cleaning). He's also better at having serious, life-lesson talks with them, although sometimes I think he gets carried away with this. Not everything needs to be a lesson. He's also better at getting them out and about to go on adventures." -- Kate C., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Getting into Floor Time


    "[My husband is better at] playing kid-games on the floor. Mama ain't got time for that. Also, pointing at animals at the zoo and things like that. As a stay-at-home mom, I am too exhausted by the weekend to do that!" -- Jennifer B., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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  • Taking Care of Ouchies


    "He is better at taking care of owies and knowing what to do when they're sick. He was a medic in the army, so I thankfully never have to try to figure out what to do when they're hurt/ill." -- Sara D., Duluth, Minnesota

  • Helping With Homework


    "He is much better at helping with homework. I get way too easily and quickly frustrated. I hated eighth-grade math when I was in eighth grade and I still hate it now." -- Beth T., Cupertino, California

  • Dealing With Vomit


    "He is so good with vomit. Thank God. And he's kind at the most surprising times, like hugging a kid soaked in vomit." -- Lindsay V., Tampa, Florida

  • Having Patience


    "He is better at having patience, explaining things (he would have been an awesome teacher), and psychoanalyzing situations/behaviors beyond just reacting to them." -- Jennifer G., Calgary, Alberta 

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  • Going on Adventures


    "He rocks at getting our kids out of the house to go on adventures or to play outside. Mostly, I think it's because he gets bored easily (undiagnosed ADHD) and would rather be doing something, whereas I can't stand getting everyone and everything packed up to go out." -- Emily J., Atlanta, Georgia

  • Pushing Boundaries


    "My husband is better at pushing my son out of his self-imposed mental boundaries. For example, my son is terrified of heights and fast-moving things. But [my husband] somehow convinced him to ride a surprising number of rides at the amusement park. I would not have been able to get him to do that." -- Bobbi-Jo H., Saint Paul, Minnesota 

  • Good at Night


    "He does bedtime and nocturnal visits from children and early mornings better. I need my sleep, and he functions on little to no sleep better. He also does vomit and facial injuries needing stitches and loose teeth better. I am a sympathetic puker." -- Emily L., Holyoke, Massachusetts

  • Wait, I'm Super Mom ... Right?


    "Um, [my husband's better at] nothing? Because I'm super mom!

    "Okay, fine, he cleans the kitchen like a damn wizard. That's not a parenting skill, but it helps. He's way more efficient at bed and bath time. And he's more sympathetic with owies and fevers and such. We both are happy to patch the kids up or get them Tylenol, but I think he gives attention better. I'm way-hey-hey better with puke though. I get that title at least." -- Rebecca M., Lansing, Michigan

  • Discipline


    "He's better at not getting dragged into the minutiae of a discipline situation. Also for some reason [the kids] are much more receptive to helping him with a task than they are with me. He makes it seem more fun." -- Tricia N., Dallas, Texas

  • Better Overall


    "He is better at playing and also keeps his s**t together much better. I become much more impatient much faster. 

    "He is [also] better at storytelling. I don't have much of an imagination and am definitely much more of a matter-of-fact and methodical person. Actually, besides cuddles and taking care of their health/illness, he is a much better parent overall." -- Serina B., Saint Paul, Minnesota 

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