Mom's Inspiring Side-by-Side Photos Prove the Scale Doesn't Matter

Mom Adrienne Osuna has an important message all mothers need to hear
adrienneosuna via yo_momma_loveme/Instagram

Like many mothers, I've struggled with loving my body after giving birth to my now 3- and 1½-year-old boys. One of the biggest hurdles of being a mom that I'm still trying to tackle is self-doubt. Too often, it's easy to second-guess your own abilities -- whether it's your ability to take care of your children or yourself. It's a constant battle, with daily victories and defeats, which is why I love Adrienne Osuna's powerful message for mothers about weight loss and the importance of not focusing so much on the scale.


Osuna, a mom of four, photographer, and noted fitness blogger, inspires women daily with her inspirational Instagram posts that encourage other mommies to love their bodies, aim for goals, and no longer remain a slave to the scale.

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Her latest side-by-side photo, which shows her weight loss progress, is one that's resonated with so many people -- including myself. It's the perfect reminder that weight doesn't always reflect health, and that losing "one pound" might not seem like much, but it can truly make a difference.

Mom Adrienne Osuna has a message about post-baby weight we all need to hear

"Yes. Really 1 pound ... fat vs muscle," Mom writes in the caption. She continues:

If I could go back in time and tell myself something (and if I could tell you something) ... it would be to STOP. Stop the dieting/bingeing cycle. Get your booty to the gym and lift some heavy things.

The number on the scale doesn't matter, it doesn't make you any more or less beautiful, strong, or successful. A healthy relationship with food and the desire to exercise ingrained in you from you being consistent will far more benefit you than any diet ever will. pic on right is today.

Amen! (PS: You look all sorts of amazeballs, BTW, Mom!!)

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I don't know about you, but I really wish I heard this 22 months ago after the birth of my second child. I'd be lying if I said coming to terms with my weight has been super easy. The fact is, I'm about 10 pounds heavier than I was after giving birth to my second son -- and it's taken me a long time to come to grips with that reality. 

I'm a pretty active person (I work out about four days a week, five if the spirit moves me) -- I enjoy strength and circuit training, mixed martial arts, and running -- and I've noticed more muscles due to working out with weights. That's likely the culprit for the jump on the scale ... as long as you don't count my love-hate relationship with carbs, of course.

Adrienne's photos remind me to embrace the changes in my body (I freaking gave birth to life!) and accept the fact that it's okay to weigh a little more, have loose skin, and see a few stretch marks -- or "warrior stripes," as I like to call them.

Looking through this mom's Instagram photos and her glorious progress made me think back to life not too long after giving birth:

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Tanvier Peart side-by-side postpartum comparison photo
Tanvier Peart/Facebook

The pic on the left is after the birth of my first son in 2014, and the pic on the right is after the birth of my second son in 2015.

Tanvier Peart mom body
Tanvier Peart

And this is the progress I'm still striving for today, 10 pounds heavier. 

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Maybe I'll have six-pack abs (although I don't want to deal with the pressure to maintain all that), and maybe I won't. Maybe I'll drop a few pounds, and maybe I won't. All I know is that I'm faster, stronger, and -- most importantly -- happier now than I was in the past. To me, that's what matters most.

Thank you, Adrienne, for the reminder to live beyond the scale.

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