Dad-to-Be Works Out With Fake Baby Bump to 'See What It's Like'

A fit pregnant person holding hand weights
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One of the biggest challenges of being pregnant is trying to stay fit when you have to pee every 14 seconds, you're constantly out of breath, and it feels like you've got a 25-pound bowling ball strapped to your abdomen. Before I had kids, I was an avid runner and hiker. The second I saw two pink lines on the pee stick, I turned into a puking, hormonal shell of my former self, and only left the house if it involved a doctor's appointment or milkshakes. My husband tried to be supportive, accompanying me on nightly walks and not laughing when I farted during prenatal yoga. But, let's be honest: Dudes have no idea what it's like to be pregnant. That's why this video of an expectant dad trying to do a CrossFit workout with a fake pregnant belly is so damn hilarious.


Blake Milchuck is an avid CrossFitter who recently donned a 14-pound medicine ball during a workout so he could feel what it's like to be as pregnant as his wife. Milchuck's wife is 37 weeks pregnant and still killing it at the gym. On Instagram, he explained that he's in awe of his wife's badassery, so he figured he'd "be a good sport" and see what it's like to be her.

Judging by his video, it was a lot harder than he expected.

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Milchuck started out with some jumps and push-ups, which look pretty excruciating with that "belly" flopping around. Honestly, I'm tired just watching this.

He then hopped onto a rowing machine, where things got real. Look at him pulling that handle all the way up to his chin. That extra arm resistance is almost as strenuous as holding a newborn for four hours when he or she won't stop crying.

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My favorite part, though, is when Milchuck is riding the exercise bike and trying not to whack himself in the fake-stomach repeatedly with his handle bars.

Ah, the miracle of faux-pregnancy. It looks like he's trying to survive some sort of hardcore fatherhood prep obstacle course. You can watch the workout in full here:

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So, what have we learned from all of this? Working out while pregnant is not easy. Of course, those of us who've had kids and gained the suggested 25-35 pounds (or more, because let's be real here) already knew that. We've suffered the sciatic nerve pain and felt our spines grow ever more curved as they struggled to balance our giant bellies and still keep us upright.

Milchuck might not have gotten to experience the full range of pregnancy body changes, but at least now he has a better idea of what a superhero his wife truly is. He joins the ranks of all the other men who've worn pregnancy-simulating vests or even strapped themselves to machines that mimic contractions. For that, we thank him, because it never stops being funny to watch dudes put themselves through hell trying to figure out what it's like to be as strong as a woman.

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