The Way This Mom Got Her Son to Take Out the Trash Is #ParentingGoals

taking out the trash

For most parents, cleaning up after our kids is a full-time job. It doesn't matter if they're tiny toddlers who leave blocks all over the floor or angsty teens who think their bathroom counter is additional storage space --- if you've got kids, you've got a mess, and you'll do pretty much anything to get your kids to pick up after themselves. That's why every parent can relate to this Maryland mom who hilariously mailed her college-aged son a box of his own trash after he "forgot" to take it out.


Connor Cox is an 18-year-old student at Westminster College in Pennsylvania. A few weeks ago, he got a box in the mail from his mom, Terri, which he assumed was a care package lovingly stocked with snacks and treats from home.

Instead, it was a box full of used tissues, snack wrappers, and other garbage he didn't take out over Christmas break.

You're savage AF, Terri, and we love it.

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As Connor explained to Buzzfeed News, he'd made a verbal agreement with his mom that whenever he comes home from school, he's supposed to carry out his normal chores and household duties. But, we all know how well most kids keep their promises (hint: they don't). So, the teen went into full slacker mode over his holiday break and was "too lazy" to clean up his own garbage.

"I guess I thought I could get away with it all, and have her [his mom] clean it up," he explained to Buzzfeed. "But, she showed me otherwise."

She sure did.

Connor posted a photo of the box overflowing with trash on Twitter, where it's been liked over 1,000 times. Dozens of people also chimed in to compliment Terri on her championship-level parenting skills.

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Iconic is right. She's basically the Beyonce of mom-ing right now.

Connor's own sister, Mackenzie, even chimed in to let the world know the box contained not just any trash, but trash her brother had left strewn all over his bedroom floor. Eww.

I feel kind of sorry for the postal workers who had to handle this box -- and possibly Connor's dorm roommates if the trash was stinky -- but there's no doubting his mom's ability to come up with an effective punishment.

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When you see a huge mess your kids left on the floor, it's tempting to just sigh, mutter a few F-bombs under your breath, and start cleaning it up yourself. But, as any parent knows, cleaning up every literal and figurative mess our kids make really doesn't do anything for them. Teaching them to take responsibility for themselves is usually more effective, even when it means resorting to some unorthodox behavior on our part. 

Sending your kid a box of trash might get some laughs and make you go viral online, but it's also clear from this mom's brilliant punishment that she's not messing around.

Something tells me Connor Cox won't be leaving trash on his bedroom floor ever again.

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