Mom Tells the Too-Real Truth About Pregnancy in These Hilarious Cartoons

Tanvier Peart | Feb 14, 2017 Being a Mom

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Pregnancy can be a beautiful journey leaving expectant moms envisioning dreamy maternity shoots that turn heads on social media, blissful giggles each time baby kicks, and stepping into every room with a radiant glow. But, while the joys of being with child are undeniable, to assume that life with a bun in the oven will always be awesome is just pure fantasy, plain and simple. Author and mom Line Severinsen totally gets that. 

Severinsen is a Norwegian mom and author of the upcoming book I'm So Pregnant: An Illustrated Look at the Ups and Downs (and Everything in Between) of Pregnancy, which perfectly illustrates what being pregnant (and having morning sickness and getting unsolicited advice and carrying around the weight of a tiny human and then some) really looks like.

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And honey, it ain't always glamorous -- no matter what kind of filter is added.

Line Severinsen's book,
Line Severinsen, © F W Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

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For any mom-to-be in need a good laugh (or for moms who already made it through the storm), here's a look at some of Severinsen's funniest illustrations of the common pregnancy realities many moms are happy to leave behind.



This book has been excerpted with permission from I'm So Pregnant: An Illustrated Look at the Ups and Downs (and Everything in Between) of Pregnancy by Line Severinsen (, © F+W Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

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