Mom Tells the Too-Real Truth About Pregnancy in These Hilarious Cartoons

Tanvier Peart | Feb 14, 2017 Being a Mom

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Pregnancy can be a beautiful journey leaving expectant moms envisioning dreamy maternity shoots that turn heads on social media, blissful giggles each time baby kicks, and stepping into every room with a radiant glow. But, while the joys of being with child are undeniable, to assume that life with a bun in the oven will always be awesome is just pure fantasy, plain and simple. Author and mom Line Severinsen totally gets that. 

Severinsen is a Norwegian mom and author of the upcoming book I'm So Pregnant: An Illustrated Look at the Ups and Downs (and Everything in Between) of Pregnancy, which perfectly illustrates what being pregnant (and having morning sickness and getting unsolicited advice and carrying around the weight of a tiny human and then some) really looks like.

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And honey, it ain't always glamorous -- no matter what kind of filter is added.

Line Severinsen's book,
Line Severinsen, © F W Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

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For any mom-to-be in need a good laugh (or for moms who already made it through the storm), here's a look at some of Severinsen's funniest illustrations of the common pregnancy realities many moms are happy to leave behind.



This book has been excerpted with permission from I'm So Pregnant: An Illustrated Look at the Ups and Downs (and Everything in Between) of Pregnancy by Line Severinsen (, © F+W Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • Unadvertised Pregnancy Symptoms

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    You know those "miracle drugs" that promise the world, but have a list of side effects longer than the pages in a Bible? Yeah, common pregnancy symptoms can sometimes look just like that. Hemorrhoids. Constant itching. Pelvic and back pains. And that's just getting started. Count your lucky stars if you only have to deal with a few of these things.

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  • The Wonderful Taste of Vomit in Your Mouth

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    Just when you think crossing into the second trimester will save you from nausea and upchucking your lunch ... BAM, you get an unexpected blast from the past. While throwing up in the later trimesters isn't super common, just know it can -- and sometimes does, at the most freaking undesirable time ever -- happen.

  • Unsolicited Opinions

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    Where's the "like" button for this illustration? It's so freaking true! You would think people who find out you're expecting would be happy about it, but of course, there are a few shady individuals who love taking jabs at you -- including asking why you "waited so long" to get pregnant, how you'll support your child, and why you look so damn big. Seriously?!

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  • Stuck Between a Bump & a Hard Place

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    As wonderful as that pregnancy bump is, it sure can leave you in some pretty sticky situations. Not only can tying your shoelaces feel like a major accomplishment, but so can trying to squeeze between cars during a shopping expedition -- among other now laughable events that will frustrate the crap out of you! 

  • Going Toe-to-Toe With the Scale

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    Doctors might have specific recommendations when it comes to pregnancy weight gain, but boy, oh BOY, is the struggle to not indulge your cravings REAL! Should you happen to be pregnant, with a couple bags of chips and random fruit slices in your purse right now, please know you aren't alone.

  • Cursing Out the 'Due Date' That's Come & Gone

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    Hell hath no fury quite like a tired pregnant woman who's questioning when the heck her baby is going to make his or her grand debut. As fun as being pregnant is, smiles start to fade away past week 39. Just come out and play, Baby!

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  • When Labor & Delivery Attendants Act Like You're Not in the Worst Pain

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    Bless those who help bring babies into the world, because they see, hear, and put up with A LOT. Then again, there are some who always seem to ask one too many questions, or act like your deep breathing and painful moans through contractions aren't really that serious. You'll likely want to bite their heads off, but just know the people supporting you during your labor are coming from a good place.

    ... Sometimes annoying, but still a good place.

  • There Will (Likely) Be Poop

    Line Severinsen/© F+W Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

    There's really no explanation needed for this common delivery reality. Sometimes, laboring moms push out a little more than intended trying to get baby out -- and it's good to know it can happen. These are the things you gotta know!

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