Mom's Honest 'Cleaning Guide' Will Make You Feel So Much Less Guilty

Mom and blogger Meredith Ethington creates funny mom chores guide

You know those moms who boast about their super clean homes -- with toys properly placed inside matching storage bins -- and all the Pinterest hacks that save them time? Yeah, we definitely aren't those moms (God bless them richly, though!). As great as it is to establish a routine when it comes to keeping your home clean, not all parents have the time -- or the energy -- to keep up with kids and weekly vacuum demands. That's why we love blogger Meredith Ethington, who created the ultimate mom guide to cleaning a house.


... And no, you don't need to keep a packet of disinfectant wipes attached to your hip at all times to participate.

(In case you're wondering.)

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You can't help but laugh at Meredith's humor in her "Real Mom's Guide to a 'Clean' House," which she featured on her blog, Perfection Pending. Not only does this mom of three nail the struggle of trying to keep the house clean when you have a family, but she also offers a few much-needed cleaning tips -- like picking up stuff off the floor and shoving it into a closet.

Take a look:

"If you can still see yourself in the mirrors, don't worry about it."


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While it's common for moms to "close bedroom doors to your kids' rooms so you forget how messy they are," or "smell check for urine in the bathroom," some of the items on Meredith's cleaning guide are downright hilarious.

So many people -- myself included -- are guilty of leaving damp items inside the washer (hey, mom brain is real). That makes Ethington's recommendation to "consider washing sheets but leave them in the washing machine rotting for three days" a sad, stinky reality.

And then there's her recommendation to "consider burning [the] house down because you're too far behind." Seriously, how many of us have probably considered that at one point in time? Heaven knows there have been many days when I've said "F*** it" and just didn't feel like doing anything.

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As any mom knows, those days when you don't feel inspired to invoke your inner Cinderella can easily turn into an additional week (or two) where nothing gets done. It's not like we're trying to be lazy, untidy dragon mommies who don't take pride in our homes, but life -- and unexpected parenting struggles -- usually get in the way.

Now, rather than beat yourself up, you can just check these common cleaning "oops" moments off this newfound chore list.

As Meredith notes, we're going to repeat all these steps until we die -- so we might as well not beat ourselves up if our home isn't in pristine condition 24/7, right?

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