25 Moms Admit Their Biggest Parenting Regrets


Becoming a parent is one of the greatest gifts you can ask for in this life -- filled with joyous moments, love, and affection. (We'll save the chat about tantrums for another day.) But that, however, does not mean parenting is a walk in the park, or without its own hurdles. Because truth be told, there are things about our parenthood journey that many of us moms regret, even if we don't always want to admit it.


As much as you might think about a decision or an action you regret as a parent, society often looks down on moms who speak out candidly about the truths -- which is why we're all coming to the (virtual) table for this discussion that is likely happening behind closed doors.

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Moms -- including CafeMom community members and some of us on the CafeMom editorial team -- are confessing their biggest parenting regrets. If you're at the beginning of your life as a mama, maybe you can learn from some of our mistakes. And no matter what, hopefully this shows you that you aren't alone ... and that you shouldn't beat yourself up too much! Because we've all been there.

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