14 Moms Confess the Parenting Chore They Hate Most

Wendy Robinson | Feb 2, 2017 Being a Mom
14 Moms Confess the Parenting Chore They Hate Most


I can handle a diaper blow out. I can roll with it when a kid makes a total mess of the bathroom. I even keep my cool (usually) when it comes to dealing with the inevitable bickering that comes with having more than one kid. But when I hear the dreaded words, "My tummy hurts," I seriously want to quit parenting.

I suspect that all parents have their own least-favorite parenting responsibility, and dealing with a barfing kid is mine. The day that my kids can both reliably get sick and not destroy my carpet and most of their own stuffed animals will be a VERY good day in my book.

Until that day, I can comfort myself by knowing that I'm not alone in hating some of the work associated with being a mom. Read on for the sometimes gross, always honest, true confessions about the parenting tasks moms wish they could outsource -- forever!

  • Nit Picking


    "I HATE LICE. My kids have averaged a case each for every grade of school. I dread getting the lice notice from school. It is the worst." -- Jodie D., Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • 'Pretending'


    "I hate playing anything 'pretend.' I SUCK at it and get sooooo bored. I am amazed and love how kids can do it but I. Just. Can't. 

    I will do homework, crafts, cooking, but pretend play -- UGH! And don't get me started on doing blocks." -- Rickie D., Des Moines, Iowa

  • Feeding Everyone


    "I spend all day getting people to eat -- a baby just starting solids, a picky 4-year-old, a junk-food-junkie preteen. I am so tired of having to feed other people. And I get to do it three times a day, every damn day." -- Jules W., Baltimore, Maryland

  • Being a Social Coordinator

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    "The constant texting of social plans with other parents for my kids' playdates, etc., is my least favorite thing. I feel like a social secretary and it is exhausting." -- Traci H., Green Bay, Wisconsin

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  • Cleaning Up Over and Over and Over and ...


    "As a wise woman once said, cleaning a house with kids still living in it is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos. I know I have to clean, but why bother? It is just a mess again tomorrow. It is relentless." -- Amy A., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Wiping Up Poop


    "Poopy butts, and wiping the smashed poop out of folds of skin. I know it's what non-parents shudder to imagine, and I know that some parents grow to not care about poop, but I still think it's gross." -- Teresa K., Columbus, Ohio

  • Going to the Grocery Store


    "I despise leaving the house with children. Seriously, I wish I could hire someone to pack bags, bring all the stuff, buckle the children, get jackets on, etc. It's the worst. And if I have to do all that just to get to the grocery store? Double worst." -- Anna J., Saint Paul, Minnesota 

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  • Cleaning Poop Out of Bath Tubs


    "The parenting task I hate the most? Two words: Tub. Poops. 

    So gross, so very gross." -- Tami E., Omaha, Nebraska

  • Having 'The Talk'


    "The sex talk. I hate it. When I had it with my oldest, we found out about a month or so later we were expecting baby number five, and watching those pieces fall into place with your 10-year-old was horrifying and hysterical all at once and made the subsequent conversations that much worse." -- Emily L., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Leaving the House


    "Getting out of the house with a toddler and a baby is stupid hard. We could be going to my son's favorite place in the world and he would argue about footwear, jacket, whatever. Add to that having to get all the baby gear and stuff. It is exhausting." -- Gracie B., Ames, Iowa

  • Day Care Drop-Off ... FIVE DAYS A WEEK

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    "I hate day care drop-off. There's usually a lot of yelling, tears, and and it takes about 10 times longer than it should. And the best part is that I get to do it twice a day, five times a week!" -- Lisa L., Saint Paul, Minnesota 

  • Most of It!

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    "I HATE most of parenting. I hate getting them ready in the morning, feeding them, cleaning up after they eat, carting them around to activities, bedtime, taking them to the doctor, cleaning butts, baths, organizing their clothes, cleaning up all their stuff, reading boring books to them, playing with them.

    There are some things I like. I love exploring in the woods with them, teaching them about the world, and cuddling." -- Leslie B., Saint Paul, Minnesota 

  • Gearing Up for Snow

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    "Living in Minnesota, we can have snow for six months of the year. Getting kids in snow gear is the worst. It is so much work. I'm usually sweaty by the time they are ready to go outside. And then, of course, they only want to play for 10 minutes before someone has to pee." -- Gabbie S., Duluth, Minnesota 

  • Breaking It Up

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    "I hate the fighting between my two girls ... or how they are exponentially more crazy when together. I lose my sh*t every damn time!" -- Nicole A., Phoenix, Arizona

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