14 Moms Confess the Parenting Chore They Hate Most


I can handle a diaper blow out. I can roll with it when a kid makes a total mess of the bathroom. I even keep my cool (usually) when it comes to dealing with the inevitable bickering that comes with having more than one kid. But when I hear the dreaded words, "My tummy hurts," I seriously want to quit parenting.


I suspect that all parents have their own least-favorite parenting responsibility, and dealing with a barfing kid is mine. The day that my kids can both reliably get sick and not destroy my carpet and most of their own stuffed animals will be a VERY good day in my book.

Until that day, I can comfort myself by knowing that I'm not alone in hating some of the work associated with being a mom. Read on for the sometimes gross, always honest, true confessions about the parenting tasks moms wish they could outsource -- forever!

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