10 Moms Explain Why They Planned Their Own Baby Showers

Tanvier Peart | Jan 27, 2017 Being a Mom
10 Moms Explain Why They Planned Their Own Baby Showers
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There are many reasons why expectant moms look forward to baby showers. Aside from delicious cake -- and hopefully all the servings of your current pregnancy cravings your tummy can handle -- they're a fun time with friends and loved ones. They're also stress-free for the mom-to-be, since expectant moms don't plan their own showers -- or do they?

There might not be a page in the Emily Post book of etiquette about expectant mothers planning their showers and how it's a no-no, but most women still avoid it because planning your own party just doesn't seem like the right thing to do.

It might not be common, but there are actually a lot of expectant moms who plan their own showers. I planned mine, since I was a decorator at the time and it was kind of expected. While there's certainly nothing wrong with kicking back and allowing others to pamper you (you deserve it!), no one should receive an event-planning penalty flag for wanting to do her own thing.

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Here, moms speak up about why they planned their own baby showers and how it all went down.

  • I Knew I'd Do a Better Job (and I Did)

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    "I'm an event planner, so it shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone I know that I wanted to plan my own baby shower. Rather than be disappointed with my sister or friend's attempts (they make Pinterest fails look like Martha Stewart projects), I figured it was easier to take care of business myself. It ended up being a fun outdoor event full of flowers and delectable bites. It definitely pays to know vendors!" -- Ashley T.

  • I Have Unreliable Friends

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    "If my life depended on relying on certain friends and family, I'd be dead. I love the people in my life, but they aren't reliable and are notorious for dropping the ball at the last minute. Thank God I took care of planning my own baby shower, because I had some cousins looking to help -- five days after it happened." -- Emelie Y.

  • I Would've Paid for It Anyway

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    "I'm the 'ATM' (automatically Tina's money) of my family, as most are struggling with their finances -- or they just don't want to pay for anything, because they think I make more. My family was quiet and said nothing about a baby shower, so I ended up planning one by myself. It was a small event (I didn't want to overspend on one day), but still fun." -- Tina M.

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  • The People Planning Quit

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    "I tried to let my husband's family plan my baby shower (I really did). We almost made it to the date of the event, but I guess I asked too many questions -- and tried to get too involved -- because I ended up hosting it myself. I know I can be annoying and a bit controlling at times, but I didn't think asking about color schemes and cupcake toppers would make people quit." -- Priscilla A.

  • Loved Ones Are Too Far Away

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    "I have the best family and friends a girl could ever ask for, but most live out of the country or in a distant state. My mom and BFF, who both live the farthest away, were such a virtual support that enabled me to throw my own shower. Even though I knew they were planning to come (of course they wouldn't miss it!), I didn't want them to feel the brunt of paying for pricey plane tickets and a party. So that's why I decided to do it myself, and it wasn't a big deal." -- Yariela F.

  • I Didn't Want to Be Disappointed

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    "God bless my friends richly for trying their best to plan events, but I've been to their kids' parties before, and have seen their decorating and planning skills firsthand. Yeah, no thanks. I ended up planning my own shower because I didn't want to be disappointed -- or make anyone feel that they let me down. It all worked out, too, because I think they were relieved they didn't have to do it!" -- Chrishel P.

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  • I Don't Have Close Friends to Help

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    "I'm always envious of people who have childhood friends and besties they can rely on. I don't really have that in my life, and that makes special occasions -- like a baby shower -- kind of emotional for me. But don't feel too bad, because my shower was nice! I invited some coworkers and people I know. I had an outdoor shower and used old furniture that I recently painted as mini buffet tables for food and party favors." -- Selene G.

  • I Thought It Would Be Easier

    Outdoor baby shower in Brooklyn, NY
    Jessica Morrow-Glorieux

    "I thought it would just be easier -- and less expensive -- [to plan my own baby shower], and I wanted to have a coed baby shower. We did it outside, at the East River Park in Brooklyn. It was a beautiful summer day. We set up for free on the park benches. I walked my grocery cart full of homemade sandwiches, bottled water, and fruit salad to the park. My sister brought cupcakes and someone else brought flowers. We played fun games and talked. It was idyllic!" -- Jessica M.

  • My Friends Messed Up the Last One

    Pregnant girl celebrating baby shower party with friends, showing her baby belly

    "I don't want it to come off like I'm ungrateful, but I couldn't trust my friends to throw me another baby shower. With my firstborn (he's now 6), they barely had any games or food. I trusted three of my friends to take care of the ins and outs and found out last minute that everything fell through (the venue, the catering -- you name it!). They later admitted they dropped the ball, so I didn't want that to happen again." -- Angie S.

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  • I'm Too Controlling

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    "I was born with the disorder known as being a Virgo and have such a hard time letting other people do things. I really tried to let others in my life take the reins, but what's a girl to do when she sees so many awesome things on Pinterest? I had my baby shower planned three days after I found out what I was having (a girl!), and had a fun carnival theme." -- Michaela W.

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