10 Moms Explain Why They Planned Their Own Baby Showers

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There are many reasons why expectant moms look forward to baby showers. Aside from delicious cake -- and hopefully all the servings of your current pregnancy cravings your tummy can handle -- they're a fun time with friends and loved ones. They're also stress-free for the mom-to-be, since expectant moms don't plan their own showers -- or do they?


There might not be a page in the Emily Post book of etiquette about expectant mothers planning their showers and how it's a no-no, but most women still avoid it because planning your own party just doesn't seem like the right thing to do.

It might not be common, but there are actually a lot of expectant moms who plan their own showers. I planned mine, since I was a decorator at the time and it was kind of expected. While there's certainly nothing wrong with kicking back and allowing others to pamper you (you deserve it!), no one should receive an event-planning penalty flag for wanting to do her own thing.

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Here, moms speak up about why they planned their own baby showers and how it all went down.

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