Dream Big, Princess - A Letter to My Daughters

I still remember falling in love with my first Disney Princess. I was only 4 years old but suddenly I was transported to another world where anything was possible with Ariel. I learned about perseverance from Ariel and although I may never set foot into new worlds and places, I learned that anything is possible with the power of love. Cinderella taught me to never give up. I believed in those values growing up too. My sister and I went to live with my aunt and uncle when I was four years old. Being in foster care was scary and yet I remember my aunt taking me to the movies and playing with me. I even remember my very first pair of warm pjs. Falling asleep warm on Christmas Eve was always something I look back on and really cherish. I'd drift off to sleep imagining myself in one of those far-off places like one of my favorite princesses.


Throughout the years I'd fall in love again with other princesses, like Belle. Inspired by her kindness, I learned that you never should judge a book by its cover. Snow White showed me how to be a friend and how to be compassionate and kind towards everyone despite the fact that they may not have the best intentions for you. Pocahontas taught me to respect the earth and to listen to the wind. We fell in love again with the earth and the ocean together with Moana just last weekend. 

When each of you girls was born, I was so scared. Did I have enough love? Could I make your dreams possible? Then you came into the world, and my heart grew, and we began to dream together. Like watching each of you fall in love with your own princess, the lessons you've learned along the way. How Brooklin often looks back to her favorite princess Tiana when she's struggling with something she's working on in dance and gymnastics. Knowing the values of hard work and how while Tiana might have struggled to make her dreams a reality she never gave up. 

Watching Mia run to her first princess at Walt Disney World last year was one of those moments I will never forget. Always our anxious one often scared of the world and yet she transformed into a confident little one who isn't too afraid to run up and tell her favorite princess exactly why she was hers. 

One thing I know is that my hopes and dreams now live on with my own little princesses; each of my daughters. My hope for you now and always is that you always find the room in your heart to believe in the impossible, to love out loud, to be kind to everyone you meet, and to never give up on your dreams. 

Dream Big, my Princesses!! 

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