Encouraging Kids to Dream Big

A few years ago I first heard about “Dream Big, Princess” at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. I instantly fell in love with the idea of empowering our daughters to dream big like their favorite Disney Princess does. I am sharing more about Dream Big, Princess in this sponsored post.


Since the girls were little, they have all loved Disney princesses. They loved dreaming along with them as they saw them in their favorite Disney movies and twirling in the flowing dresses we bought them so that they could match their favorite princess when we were at the Disney Parks.

Back home they would excitedly create tea parties and pretend Belle was coming over from Beauty and the Beast and they would even have books waiting for her. They would happily share with anyone willing to listen why they loved princesses and that they wanted to be one when they grew up!

Before I knew it, the years passed by and I realized that Disney princesses have been a much bigger part of our life. They have also helped to instill so much more into our lives. From Ariel teaching us to explore the world when she wanted to see dry land outside of King Titan’s Kingdom Under the Sea, to Merida being brave to save her mom, there is always something to be learned from the Disney princesses.

Brave was the first movie Emmy ever saw in the movie theater, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect movie for her to see.  We talked about the story for months.   Years later, she still brings it up.  She learned about the love shared between a mother and a daughter and that you have to be brave even when you feel like you can’t if it means helping someone you love.

At our annual Christmas Tea, we talked about the girls’ dreams for the coming year.  I always want to encourage them to dream big when they set these yearly dreams because dreaming big leads to big possibilities.  Like Princess Tiana, I want the girls to make their dreams a reality even when it seems like the dream is out of reach.  I don’t want them to feel limited to only choosing dreams that are easy to achieve.  I want them to know how extra special it feels for a dream to come true that they had to really work hard for.

When we talk about their big dreams, we also explore the steps to take to make their dreams come true.  Emmy’s dream is to be able to do a backflip, so we talked about how she needs to keep practicing at gymnastics to make her dream come true.  She needs to remember how Cinderella never gives up and to do the same to make her own dream come true. I want Emmy to know that dreams come true when you least expect it and giving up early should never be an option.

Maddie and Ashley have some big dreams for this year too.  Their dreams are pretty much the same as mine.  We all want to keep traveling, meet new people, and explore new cultures.  We would love to add in more volunteer work, and if we were to really dream big, we would all love to see all 50 states this year.  I love that showing the girls how dreaming big puts us even closer to making our dreams come true. 

I can’t wait to see how we all work through our big dreams this year.  Like Princess Aurora, I always wonder what is possible, and I am so excited!

How are you encouraging your child to dream big?


Heather Delaney Reese from It's a Lovely Life is an inspirational storyteller and lifestyle writer who loves food, travel, So Cal, tech, Disney & family adventures.


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