Inspired by Rapunzel, Dreaming Of Big Adventures

As the parent of a young daughter, when I’m dreaming big, I imagine her conquering the world with her adventurous personality.


Because of that, I can strongly connect her to Rapunzel. Like Rapunzel her biggest power is her individual strength that always goes along with her adventurous and free spirit.

Living with special needs, she faces her own challenges, but as the princess warrior she is, she doesn’t want or need to be rescued. She can do it herself and she is proud of that. Her princess power is to set aside the standards and to be proud of her uniqueness.  

But it hasn’t been like this her whole life. The beginning wasn’t easy and as with any other princess, it took her lots of effort to find her biggest strength and learn to be proud of it as she found ways to use it for good.

From my perspective, it’s been over the course of these years that I have come to realize that the biggest and most important strength for anyone, but especially for my daughter, is individuality. In order to be a real princess, you need to break the mold and embrace your princess values, transforming stubbornness into determination and curiosity into the ability to learn from your discoveries.

Because of these findings, when she leaves her hair down and runs around with eyes wide open, my biggest dream for her is to never change and to never stop being surprised by the magical experience of living.

Rapunzel left her tower to discover a world more exciting than she had imagined. This mirrors my dream of my daughter embracing her freedom and her endless possibilities as she learns to celebrate every step as the biggest adventure of her life.

My princess dream is to celebrate the beauty in diversity, the strength that comes with facing challenges, and the magic that we discover when we are capable of liberating others from the boundaries that limit them.

Let the power of love reign and take us to unimaginable adventures! The secret is to never stop dreaming and to teach our children to do the same. Takes risks. Smile deeply. Live life to its fullest.


Eliana Tardio
is a many times awarded Latino blogger with a strong passion for inclusion and diversity. As the Latina mother of two bilingual children with Down syndrome, Eliana inspires parents to become their children's best advocates and to believe in them and their possibilities regardless of their genetic makeup.

Thank you, Disney for sponsoring this blog post inspired by the adventurous personality of Rapunzel.



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