Dreaming Big. Which Disney Princess Are You? #DreamBigPrincess

The first Disney Princess my 12-year-old daughter learned about was Tiana. The Princess and the Frog was released back in 2009 while she was in kindergarten, and she became an avid fan. We must’ve watched the movie more than 25 times over the years! I used to blame it on my daughter and her love for the New Orleans’ belle, but it became quite evident to me that Tiana was also close to my heart. Her story of making her dreams come true despite obstacles resonates with me.


I’ve had my share of disappointments, setbacks, comebacks, and such. When starting my own business with this very blog several years ago, I was stepping into unchartered waters. After five plus years of being in business myself with a staff and team, I feel like I’ve overcome many hurdles. I also know this is just the beginning.

All of this makes me think back to the first time I went to Walt Disney World. I took my daughter to Orlando for her ninth birthday, and we spent a few days at Magic Kingdom. We even stayed at Port Orleans Riverside in a Tiana-inspired room. I was in my late-30s then and had never been to Disney. It was like we were both kids as we both made our way through the park. The wonderment, the attention to detail, the magic! I remember thinking then that if Walt Disney could take his dream and bring it to life, then I could also give it a try. I’m not an Imagineer, but I have so many things I want to do. Visiting WDW for the first time made me realize there are no limits.

I was visiting the Magic Kingdom for the first time at almost 40 years of age. I always wanted to go, but never had the income until then to do so. My blog and the income I earned made our magical trip possible.

Since that time, we’ve had four more trips to WDW and we’ve also visited Disneyland. I guess you could say we are regulars now. The memories we’ve made there together will last a lifetime.

I am a testament to dreams coming true and I am dreaming big this year. I want to grow my blog into a digital imprint that not only serves working parent families, but creates a community that supports one another. I no longer want to play it small. I would like to rebrand TheCubicleChick.com and have it focused on working parents and Mama Moguls making an impact. I’ve had this vision before, but I feel like this is the year I will make it happen.

I share so many similarities with Tiana. Like her, my father is also deceased and I promised him that I would help continue the family legacy. Like Tiana, I also tend to work a lot of hours and have to remind myself of Work Life Management. And like her, I hope to excel.

Dreaming big is something that fuels me. And knowing that my daughter is looking at me as an example helps me get through those not-so-good times.

Disney’s Dream Big, Princess is all about us discovering the Disney Princess in us all. Watch the video below for inspiration. You can also visit the official Disney Princesses website and on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

How will you be dreaming big? Who is the Disney Princess that you are most like? What qualities in her do you see in yourself?

Danyelle Little is a former HR manager who now runs The Cubicle Chick full-time; a site is for those of you who like to get the best out of both worlds-personally and professionally.

This is a sponsored conversation facilitated by CafeMom and Disney.

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