That First Poop After Baby & 9 Other Bathroom Truths No One Tells Us

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By the final month of pregnancy, most moms-to-be know labor is coming. We've heard all about it and then some. But how about what happens after that? When I was pregnant with my first child, people gave me a lot of advice. Well-intentioned strangers told me to get lots of rest. My sister-in-law suggested I hire a night nurse. Friends shared their birth stories in order to scare the crap out of me prepare me for what was to come. Somehow, everyone failed to mention that once I got through the pain of my natural, unmedicated birth, I would then have to weather the discomfort of my stretched-out lady parts -- and that there would be changes that would affect going to bathroom, not just for a day, a week, or even a month.


Kind of important things to leave out, right?! Thankfully, I'm here to provide the lowdown on the postpartum downtown, specifically with regards to using the loo.

Seriously, there are products postpartum moms need that we've never even heard of before; there are aches and pains we've never felt before. And there are bathroom-related symptoms we may have to deal with long after the baby exits the newborn stage. It's not exactly fun stuff to read about, but knowing it's coming will help to mentally prepare for it, and know, in advance, that it's all totally normal. (We've been there too!)

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Yep, we're giving the scoop about pooping, peeing, and the general area "down there" after childbirth -- in a chronological timeline.

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