When I Wish Upon a Star...

Watching Disney’s Pinocchio is a quintessential part of the American experience. Originally released in 1940, it was Disney’s second animated film and if my kids’ reactions to the film are any indication, it certainly withstands the test of time! The story of the puppet who wanted to be a boy is engaging on its own, but my favorite aspect of this particular movie is the song from its score that became synonymous with Disney itself -- “When You Wish Upon a Star.”


In the movie, Geppetto wishes on a star that his puppet will become a real boy -- but I think the song strikes a chord with the wisher and dreamer in all of us. Each of us has wished on a star (or something similar) at some point, hoping that our dreams will come true, and at no point are our beliefs greater in the outcome of that wish than when we’re children.

One of my dearest wishes when my son and daughter were born was that they would be close, and so far that wish has come true. This was their very first ‘playdate’ -- My daughter a few weeks away from turning three and my son was just two weeks old!

At first, it wasn’t easy for them to find a common bond -- “I just wish he could say something that made sense!” my daughter would complain. She kept trying, though, and eventually her brother learned enough words to bridge the gap between them.

As they’ve gotten older, they’ve grown closer. They fight like cats and dogs at times, like all brothers and sisters -- but they’ve made a real effort to connect with each other, finding common ground in video games, reading and imaginative play. Their relationship warms my heart and reassures me that my wish for them has come true.

Today, they are 9 and 12 years old and I’m starting to see glimmers of how they’ll interact as adults. My daughter is levelheaded and full of advice for my son, and she’s his biggest supporter when he gets in trouble, often crying on his behalf when he gets upset. Meanwhile, my son is wildly affectionate, constantly hugging his sister and telling her he loves her -- ‘mushiness’ she tolerates only from him.

I can only wish upon a star that they’ll always have each other and always stay close, long after they’ve grown up.

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