5 Wishes for My Daughters

In the Disney classic Pinocchio, the puppet maker Geppetto wishes upon a star to make Pinocchio a real boy. Will and I both loved this story as children, and we'll soon be introducing our girls to it! Disney’s Pinocchio is now available on Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere, on Blu-ray Jan 31.


Geppetto's wishes for his puppet-boy have got me thinking about my wishes for our daughters (and our son, who we will be adding to the mix any day now!). 

When it comes to parenting, my mentor Holly always says to begin with the end in mind. As I'm parenting young children today, she's taught me I should think about the type of people I want them to be in the future, when they are adults. This helps me make wise parenting choices in the here and now. 

What are some wishes we have for our daughters? While we have many, five wishes stand out to me: 

5 Wishes for My Daughters

I wish for our daughters to have: 

1. Compassionate Hearts 

I want to instill in them empathy for others and teach them to consider others above themselves. While there are days when it feels like they will never stop fighting with each other, I pray they will have lives that are marked with kindness toward those around them. 

2. Women of Integrity 

I want our daughters to always tell the truth, even when it's hard. I want them to be honest and to choose right, even when it might mean they make less money or miss temporary "opportunities" that dishonest behavior might give them. Just like Pinocchio learned that it wasn't worth it to lie, I want to instill in my girls a desire for a life of integrity. 

3. Love for Other Cultures and Races 

We might live in predominantly white suburbia, but we're seeking to do all we can to show our children the beauty in the variety of races and cultures that make up this world. 

4. Down-to-Earth Personalities 

I don't want our daughters to ever snub others. As far as it depends on me, I want to help my girls combat the "mean girl" syndrome and be approachable and down to earth to anyone, anywhere--regardless of upbringing, income level, race, etc. 

5. Faith at the Center 

Our faith is paramount to our family life. This is our greatest wish for our daughters (and soon-to-be born son as well!). 

Do our girls display embody all of these wishes already? Not yet, but I am seeing glimpses into the future that are already giving me hope.

Our family sponsors a child in Guatemala through Compassion International. When we recently received a letter from the organization asking us to consider sponsoring another, our oldest cut out the little girl's picture and asked me if she could place it in a locket to wear around her neck. She wanted the reminder to pray for this girl, and she's been asking us ever since if we can sponsor her as well. 

This shows me that compassion is beginning to take root in her heart, and she is always falling in love with those from other cultures and races. It's just one example, but it makes me excited to think that, perhaps, these "wishes" for our daughters will come true. 

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What are some wishes you have for your daughters or sons?

Thank you, Disney, for underwriting this post. 

Erin Odom of The Humbled Homemaker is wife to Will, mommy to a lovely trio of redheaded girls, and a recovering overwhelmed homemaker who encourages, educates and empowers women to live a grace-filled, natural life.

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