Baby Falls 30 Feet onto Pavement Without a Scratch -- Thanks to Mom

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As most moms will agree, when it comes to saving their kids from peril, there's nothing they won't do. One mom, unfortunately, was put to the ultimate test when she and her 8-month-old son were thrown off a 30-foot bridge following a car accident. Miraculously, Jennifer Duncan and her son Daniel survived when the brave mom used her body to shield her son from the devastating impact. 


Here's how this terrifying situation occurred: Duncan and her baby were involved in a car accident over the 4th street bridge off I-35 in Waco, Texas. As she and her little guy waited for responders, they were hit by an oncoming car and thrown off the bridge to the asphalt 30 feet below. 

As Jennifer told KXXV, her main concern was keeping her son safe, and so she grabbed him as tightly as she could -- and made a "human cocoon" around him, as the news described it. Her son emerged without a single scratch. It's truly a miracle that they're both still alive, but this courageous mom suffered life-changing injuries during their fall. 

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Not only was her pelvis shattered, but Jennifer's leg was broken so severely it needed to be amputated below the knee. Additionally, she broke nine bones in her back, fractured her ribs, and suffered spleen and internal injuries as well.  

Take a listen to the harrowing ordeal this mom and her baby lived through: 

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We give this mom so much credit for not only saving her child's life, but also fighting to be as strong as she possibly can for her son. After spending a long stretch in the hospital and rehab, she's determined to be the best she can for her little guy. 

"I don't give up because I know he's looking at me to be his role model and so I try not to give up," Jennifer told KXXV. "I just try to keep moving forward and living each day as if we're still blessed the same way we were seven months ago." 

In spite of all that she's facing, this mom is able to keep her perspective and focus on the miracle rather than the aftermath. She's truly an inspiration.

GoFundMe page has been set up to help the young family as their medical bills mount. Considering all this woman has endured, we're sure the last thing she needs is the burden of financial debt. Here's hoping 2017 is the start of much easier times for this extraordinary mother and son. 

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