4 Hilarious Truths About Surviving Parenting, From a Mom of Quadruplets

Gardner Quad Squad/YouTube

Being trapped indoors with children on a snowy day can bring out survival skills most mothers wouldn't even know they had. Ashley Gardner of American Fork, Utah, a mom of quadruplets, shared a video that's gone viral because in it you see the hilarious lengths Mom had to go to in order to get a moment's peace. This sage mom shares four universal truths most parents eventually come to understand the hard way.  


Check out these life lessons on how to get through a winter day with multiple little ones. Oh, and did we mention she's doing it solo while her hubby is outside shoveling as they brace for more snow? Hats off to you, mom!

1. Sometimes you need to lock yourself away. 

Turn your pantry into your very own safe space. This counts as a room of one's own, right? I'm a little jealous that she has such ample food storage that she can actually hide out in there, but with four growing kids, she needs it! This has such a confessional feel to it. Even though she's only talking to herself on camera, you can tell she really needs to let it out.

Gardner Quad Squad/YouTube

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2. Sugar is your best friend. Do not feel guilty!

As Ashley says, above the yelling and howling in the background, "Mom desperately needed a treat to get through the rest of the night." 

With that much snow outside and more in the forecast, I give Ashley credit for not going straight for the vino. If a Twizzler will do the trick, more power to ya! 

Gardner Quad Squad/YouTube

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3. They. Never. Go. Away.

After admitting that she's locked herself in the pantry, Ashley asks, "Is that wrong?" 

Wrong, no. Hysterical, yes. 

Then she reveals the biggest truth all parents of toddlers can relate to -- they never go away.

"See, she's always there," she says, turning the camera on her adorable little one poised at the crack between the door and the floor.

She's so right! Toddlers are like little ninjas who pop up out of nowhere when you're sound asleep at 2 a.m. or suddenly pull back that shower curtain when you thought they were napping. 

Here, one of her little girls just can't wait to find out what Mom's up to in that pantry. 

Gardner Quad Squad/YouTube

4. They want everything you have. 

When Ashley says, "They want everything you have," and holds up her red licorice, it feels like she means it both literally and figuratively. Kids really do take everything out of you some days. 

But when you look at her daughter's sweet face (albeit just the half we can see), you want to give her everything, because she's just that adorable. 

And when she says, "Hi!" -- well, Twizzlers for everyone! 

Good luck getting through the rest of winter, Ashley, but we think you've got it under control! 

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