11 Family Resolutions That Don't Suck -- and Some That Even Stuck

I have a family of four and between us, we have seven electronic devices that may be on and connected to the Internet at a given time. Put another way -- we have a screen-time problem. Which is why, as the new year approaches, I'm making a joint resolution with my kids to get some screen-time sanity in our lives. 


So, while I commit to turning off my phone between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., my kids are going to see their daily tablet time cut in half. I'm hopeful that this will lead to more reading and playing -- for everyone in the family. 

I've never done a shared family resolution before, so I was curious to hear from other moms who joined forces with their kids to set a goal. What worked and what was a total fail? Is there really strength in numbers?

Read on for some surprisingly successful resolutions and a few that didn't make it past the first week. I'm totally stealing #5 for my family.

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