Pee Alone! Nap! 12 Resolutions for Moms That Actually Make Sense

Liz Alterman | Dec 22, 2016 Being a Mom
Image: Illustration: Shutterstock, design by Anne Meadows

Illustration: Shutterstock, design by Anne Meadows

Why not ring in 2017 by establishing some good-for-you goals that really get your priorities straight and give you the credit you deserve for taking care of a tiny person?

Check out these 12 new mom resolutions and cut yourself some slack. You're already doing great.

  • Pee ... Alone

    illustrations by Shutterstock; design by Anne Meadows

    Go ahead, close (and lock) that door and enjoy a well-deserved respite. Just make it quick or the inevitable knocking and crying on the other side of the door will totally undo whatever peace of mind you achieved while you were alone. 

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  • Relax Rather Than Stress

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    Got a mile-long to-do list? We all do, but you know what? It's okay to set it aside and recognize that maybe you're not going to be able to make a restaurant-worthy dinner on three hours' sleep because you were up consoling a teething baby. Or, maybe you've spent what feels like the last 10 hours breastfeeding. You are not alone!

    You're caring for a small person -- everything else can wait. As long as your baby is fed and happy, you're doing a great job, mama!

  • Nap (For Real!)

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    Who hasn't plopped down on the couch to snooze and suddenly gotten sucked in by a Real Housewives marathon? We know channel-surfing is super tempting, especially after a cartoon-filled morning, but resist the urge. Instead, get some shut-eye and you'll be amazed by how refreshed you feel. You can catch up and binge-watch what you're missing when your little one is in school. 

  • Priorities

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    Babies grow up so fast -- but those dirty dishes don't change much. Ever. Let everything else sit and cherish these fleeting moments -- and that heavenly newborn scent. Before you know it, that baby will be a teenager who will pretend he doesn't even know you -- unless he needs money, of course, and then you're his BFF.

  • Who Needs a Gym?

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    See you later, stairmaster! Kicking you to the curb, kettlebell! When you've got a baby on your hip and mountains of laundry to tackle, you're probably getting plenty o' exercise! But if you do feel like you have to go to the gym, take a long, hot shower while you're there. (You're welcome!)

  • Mission Accomplished

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    Maybe you're on maternity leave and feel out of sorts without your "real job." But taking care of a baby is one of the most important gigs there is! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Sure, your new boss is totally demanding, but she's as cute as can be. And when you're back at work, you'll be longing for the days of just cuddling your little one. 

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  • Splurge on PJs

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    Let's face it: We all want to be comfortable. Whether it's yoga pants, a sweatsuit, or just your fave pj's, if you're going to commit to a "mom uniform" at least get a few spares in the rotation and really live it up! 

  • Brush Those Teeth -- You Know You Want To

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    Think you can skip brushing your teeth just because you're exhausted and you probably won't see another adult for 10-12 hours? Think again! Sure, we know getting some time alone in the bathroom is more challenging than you'd ever imagine (see slide 1), but you can do this. Just try to get in there and brush -- we're not even going to give you grief about flossing. Your teeth will thank you. 

  • Grin & Bear It

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    Sure, it drives you nuts when everyone over 40 tells you to enjoy every single moment with your little one because "they grow up so fast!!" But, you know what, they do. (Darn, we hate when unsolicited advice is accurate!) So, put down that laundry and savor every second with that growing baby. 

  • Enjoy a Baby-Free Evening

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    By the end of the day the last thing you might want to do is put on real pants and leave the house, but, trust us, it feels great to get out and be among adults who will remind you of your interests and passions beyond mothering. So, ditch that diaper bag and grab your cutest clutch and have fun, mama! 

  • Eat Like a Grown-Up

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    Even if you're chowing down on cold mac-and-cheese or leftover French toast bites, do it while sitting down and embrace utensils. Take a moment to taste your food and not eat over the sink or while loading the dishwasher. Trust us, it tastes better this way. Eating while standing up hasn't been proven to burn more calories -- believe us, we've tried it. 

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  • Um, No Thanks!

    Um, No Thanks!

    Find yourself getting asked to bring two dozen cupcakes to your sister-in-law's get-together, drive your neighbor to a doctor's appointment, or host a playdate for 12 each time you check your texts? Just say "no"! You've got to take care of yourself and your baby first. Everything else comes second. 

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