11 Moms Who Will Make Parents Think Twice About Having Kids Close in Age

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11 Moms Who Will Make Parents Think Twice About Having Kids Close in Age
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Having a first child is one of the biggest milestones in a person's life. It's a game changer that inspires a woman to be a better person and love her little one to no end. It might also inspire her to have another bundle of joy whom she wants to meet sooner rather than later. But there are some perks and some drawbacks to having kiddos who are so close in age to each other. And as many moms will attest, kids who are close in age sometimes means double the stress! 

Many parents make the decision to have their kids back-to-back or close together in age. It's a choice that takes some soul-searching and shouldn't be taken lightly. Because, if a mama thinks her hands were full with one, just wait until she adds another into the mix. Talk about double trouble! We were not prepared! 

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I am a mother who made the choice to have my children close in age. My husband and I, however, didn't realize we would get pregnant when our first child was just 8 months old! Thankfully, we're still alive today to tell the tale, but as these moms will tell our readers, it's not an easy task ... at all.

Here's a look at a few things moms with kids close in age say have been their toughest hurdles to overcome. Although their parenting journey now has a few curveballs, they wouldn't trade their children for the world.

(Me neither.)

  • Not Enough Time to Heal

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    "I wanted to have children close together [in age], and am so thankful I was able to do so. My only regret is not taking the time to properly heal. I got pregnant a few months after giving birth and boy was the recovery time after popping out baby number two harder. I still feel it." -- Jennifer D.

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  • Didn't Fully Soak in My First Child

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    "Even though my daughter was 2 when I had my second child, I still felt feelings of guilt, because I jumped into having another baby -- and didn't feel like I fully basked in the joy of my first. My second pregnancy was unplanned (definitely unplanned) that pushed me into overdrive to soak in all the moments I could have alone with my Emily. She and her sister are truly pals that warm my heart, but if I could go back in time and space out my pregnancies more, I would." -- Carolyn E.

  • It's Hard in the Beginning

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    "I love my children. They are my world. That doesn't mean life wasn't hard trying to raise an infant and 1 1/2-year-old at the same time. None of my friends had multiples or children so close in age, so I didn't know what to expect. Thankfully, I made it out on the other side -- even when I thought I wasn't going to. My daughter is now 12, and my son is almost 14. Moms interested in having children close in age need to know it's not impossible, but it's also no walk in the park." -- Rachel T.

  • Uncharted Territory

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    "Saying you'll be okay having children close together and actually doing so are two very different things. I think I'm an awesome multitasker, but my kids (they're 18 months apart) knocked me on my ass when they were younger. I was in uncharted territory. I remembered the basics of how to take care of a baby, but was completely unprepared for how to care for a baby and a toddler. I wouldn't change my journey for the world, but tell moms who are considering banging them out back-to-back to gird your loins." -- Chase T.

  • Double the Diaper Duty

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    "The good news about having kids close in age is that you never have to enter the diaper phase again. The bad news about having kids close in age is that you have double the diaper duty. It was easier for me to potty train my youngest son (he saw his older brother do it), but man, those damn diapers -- and the cost! I'm soo happy I don't have to spend another cent on diapers and pull-ups!" -- Aimee W.

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  • College Tuition Smackdown

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    "This is something I'm going through right now. My oldest child, Colin, is a senior in high school, and his brother, Seth, is currently a junior. As excited as I was to have two children back-to-back, I guess I didn't think about costs -- like college tuition -- I would need to deal with. We [my husband and I] have a little saved, but am hoping scholarships will come through." -- Grace Y.

  • Too Many Kids, Not Enough Hands

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    "Double the high chairs. Double the mess. Double the curious kids who crawl and run with a wobble around the house. I thought my husband and I could handle a two-on-two situation with our kids (they're 16 months apart), but they really put us through the ringer! Just when we think we have one under control, the other is off making another mess!" -- Vivian M.

  • Car Seat Dilemma

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    "Let me tell you that the struggle to get a 1-year-old and 2-year-old in and out of their car seats is REAL! I'm not a super religious person but pray every time I need to make a run to the store alone with my kids. And let's not even talk about when my eldest child was a year old and my youngest just an infant. Shuffling around with a baby in one hand and an infant car seat in another was a WORKOUT!" -- Avery G.

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  • Childcare Costs ... Times Two

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    "Trying to afford daycare on a teacher's salary was hard enough for me with my son, Kyle. I had to work extra shifts at my second job shortly after giving birth to my daughter 19 months later that was really a rough time. Kyle has transitioned into kingergarten that definitely removed some of the financial strain ... but it's still hard. I won't even get into the circus of rushing across town trying to pick them up after work. Still, I'm so grateful to have my family." -- Karina W.

  • Sleepless Nights

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    "Breastfeeding an infant around the clock while trying to soothe a toddler who can't or refuses to fall asleep is no easy task. It must've looked like I was doing drugs when my kids were small -- I never slept!" -- Fey P.

  • Travel Woes

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    "Oh the 'good ol' days' of rushing to catch flights with a 4-year-old and 6-year-old. I can't tell you how many times I left something I needed to take in my car -- or at the airport I was leaving. Even with an extra pair of hands, traveling with two small kids is rough. And since they're close in age, they have to have the same toy whenever the other is playing with it, or it's going to be World War III. This is why I now drive instead of fly. At least now I can stick my head out of the window and scream if I have to without TSA watching." -- Esther B.

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