14 Unbelievable Stories That Prove Mother's Intuition Is Real

14 Unbelievable Stories That Prove Mother's Intuition Is Real
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If you have kids, you know that "mother's intuition" is anything but a myth: Whether it's a feeling in the pit of your stomach or a quiet voice in the back of your head suggesting something's not quite right, we've all had experiences where we just knew our kids were in danger or otherwise in need of our help -- even if they were miles away at the time!

Unsurprisingly, mother's intuition is such a universal phenomenon that it's inspired several threads on Reddit, which is where we found the truly remarkable tales featured in this story. From life-saving interventions to hilarious hunches, these stories prove that moms everywhere have a sixth sense (and then some!).

  • Pizza Problems


    "Back when my 8-year-old was 3, we were eating pizza and watching a movie -- her on the floor, me on the couch, so I can't really see anything but the top of the back of her head. And for some reason, I just got this horrible feeling and jumped up and ran over to her. Kid had a bad habit of taking bites waaaay too big for her tiny face and was blue. She was choking on a wad of pizza. I was able to dig it out of her throat and she was fine. But yeah, there was no reason I should have known what was happening. I think you just get super crazy as a mom and start double-checking all your worst fears and suspicions." -- DudeimousPrime/Reddit

  • Bungled Blanket


    "When my son was 3, I put him to bed just like any other night and closed his bedroom door. A couple of hours later I had an urge to check on him. I never check on him once he's in bed, and there was no noise or reason for me to do so, but I went into his room and found that his duvet cover had somehow become twisted like a rope and ended up around his neck and over his face. I have no idea what would have happened if I hadn't have gone in there. One of the scariest moments of my life." -- smeggieh/Reddit

  • Diaper Duty


    "I can tell with 100 percent accuracy if my 2-year-old daughter is just playing quietly in another room or if she has gone to hide somewhere and poop her pants." -- megnolia84/Reddit

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  • Escape Artist


    "I try not to be a helicopter mom, but my son is extremely inquisitive, obsessive about how things work and the big world out there. Which is why when he vanished while we were out working in our backyard, I just knew instinctively that he had gone inside, pulled a chair over to the front door to unlock the chain lock (and the dead bolt and door knob lock), and had gone exploring down our street in only a T-shirt and diaper. In about three minutes. Yeah, that's why moms are anxious and worried all the time. We have to be hyperaware literally every minute our kids are awake. At least while they're young." -- BAMFletchuh/Reddit

  • Accidents Happen


    "I was at work around lunchtime, and I felt this intense twinge of anxiety and worry about my son and looked for my phone thinking, 'His camp is calling me. He's hurt.' Somehow I was convinced he was hurt and I almost drove to his summer camp to go see him. But when I picked up my phone, it was dark and I assumed I was just stressed out. Later that afternoon when I picked him up, I saw him playing and he had huge bandages on his elbow, knee, and hip bone. I asked the counselor what happened and she stared at me in shock. 'No one called you? They were supposed to call you. Jimmy was running around at lunch time and fell on the asphalt hard. He is okay but he got some pretty bad scrapes on his knee, elbow, and hip. We cleaned them out and bandaged him up.' I don't know what the f*ck that was but I will definitely be paying closer attention to any more 'feelings' I get." -- GypsyDanggger/Reddit

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  • Razor's Edge


    "I somehow always know when my toddler is about to do something dangerous. We spend a lot of time at relatives' houses who don't have kids that young and are not always aware of the dangers of leaving things within reach of small hands. I have many times walked into a room to see my son grabbing for a knife, reaching for a candle, or picking up a razor blade ... But somehow I always get this feeling that he's up to something, and I have to go check right then and there, even if I'm in the middle of taking a shower. I think it's something about the lack of noise that makes it very suspicious." -- psprouse/Reddit

  • Mom Knows Best


    "I am a mom, and my daughter and I have a connection. I will be thinking about something or reading about something and she will text me out of the blue about the same subject and vice versa ... I have experienced so many paranormal things in my 49 years that I am no longer surprised that they happen. I think there is a natural explanation that science hasn't found yet." -- ArrowWight/Reddit

  • Under the Gun


    "So I am about 10 years old at the time ... at home. My dad is at work and my mom was out running errands while I was at home, and I had a friend over after school.

    While alone, I get the idea that I want to show my friend some of my father's guns (we had just gotten a new SKS, which was really cool looking). So we go over into my dad's office where they are kept and start handling them.

    That's when the house phone rang, and I answered; it was my mom calling from a payphone. She had a clear nervous tone and was telling me that we should stay away from anything 'dangerous' like the guns (which she specifically mentioned) and then hung up.

    I have always been a responsible person, even as a kid -- I never got into trouble when left alone, and even with the guns, I knew the ammo was always stored separately and had no intention of taking it out. I also have never received any calls like this before, of her checking up at an odd time like this, especially by payphone.

    I went on the remainder of my childhood thinking the house was rigged with cameras or microphones. And believe me, I looked, and I looked well. I knew more about bugging technology before I was 12 than a spy shop owner. I built a radio receiver looking for radio emissions typical for a bug or wireless camera (schematic I read out of a spy book). It's worth noting that we weren't a terribly wealthy family so there is no way we would have been able to afford a sophisticated security/spy system anyway. Later in life, I asked about it; she seemed to barely remember but she is a firm believer in the 'mother's intuition' concept.

    A scientist by both nature and trade, I hate to accept it, but f*ck -- I cannot explain what the hell happened that day." -- juliovega914/Reddit

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  • Home Invasion


    "One night I was sleeping. My husband was [out working] on night shift, my three kids were in their rooms fast asleep. I was dreaming, although I can't remember what I was dreaming about. Suddenly, all the noises in my dream muted and I heard a urgent but calm voice overhead, like coming from the sky. 'Wake up, Ami. Wake up now. Someone is in the house. The kids. Go to the kids.' I immediately woke up. I sat there kind of dazed, like wow, what a weird dream. I went to lay back down but I just had this feeling in my gut. I got out of bed and walked around my house. All was quiet. I went to my son's room; he was sleeping and safe. I then went to my daughter's room. I opened the door and saw a black shadow standing by her bed. I flicked the light switch on and there, standing by my daughter, was a man I've never seen before. I was so scared, I jumped on her bed, covering her body with mine and just started screaming at him. The man hurried and jumped out the window. (Our rooms are on the first floor.) Her entire screen was bent and pulled out. He must have pulled the screen out and then opened the window, which was not locked. Luckily, my daughter woke up as I was screaming, she did not see the man. I called police and my husband. Turns out the guy was our neighbor's brother. He was staying with him for the summer. He drank with my husband and neighbor. He knew my husband worked the night shift and we would be home alone. When the cops interrogated him, he swore he had a drug habit and only broke in to steal items or money for drugs. He had no intention of hurting my daughter. I don't believe him. If that voice in my dream didn't wake me up, who knows what could have happened." -- AmiIcepop/Reddit

  • Gender Reveal


    "With my son ... I had a dream that my dog told me I was pregnant ... The next day I took a test and bam! Pregnant.

    With my daughter, I had a dream that my husband brought me home baby girl clothes ... I knew: 1) that we were pregnant when I woke up, and 2) that it was going to be a girl. I was right." -- De3ziegreen/Reddit

  • Flight Fright


    "My son (17) is traveling today to go visit his dad. He left on the train last night, got a taxi to the airport, got on the plane ... and then I should have gone to bed, but I couldn't. I was having such high anxiety ... I even planned to go shower but as soon as I got to the bathroom, something told me to stay in the living room near the phone and computer.

    SO glad I did! He is supposed to fly on flight 1, to city A (stays on the plane), flies to City B, has a layover in City B, catches flight 2, and then his brother will pick him up in City C. No problem ... we have done this a million times ... just without the stop in City A.

    I am sitting here watching the flight on FlightAware to help calm my nerves but the anxiety was getting so bad that my medical cat was starting to alert me that I was having an issue.

    Watching the flight, I noticed that it was landing in another airport. so I double-checked the ticket and it says 'stops in City A.' I thought, oh, I didn't notice that before. Meh, whatever. When the flight lands, he sends a message that he is at the airport in City B ... WHAT???

    So I skip messaging him and call and ask where he is because FlightAware says he is in City A, NOT city B. He checks and sure enough, he got off at the wrong stop. He has a minor moment of, "OH SH*T!" so I told him find someone who works there and ask them how to get back to the flight. He does and then heads back.

    While off the phone, I call his dad and we're both having a minor "EEP" moment while waiting to hear if he made it back to the flight. Finally got the call ...

    They held the flight for him. He is now on his way to the correct airport. My anxiety is gone." -- dotchianni/Reddit

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  • Gut Instinct


    "When my eldest son was very young, he'd been feeling a little down, probably just starting with a cold. But he perked up later in the day and I put him to bed as normal. About 4 a.m., I woke up to pee (never usually have to) and got a vague unsettling feeling and a strong urge to check on him (which I never do, as he had autism and one of our rules was to leave him at night when he was happy to sleep; he hated to be woken and was a really light sleeper). I decided being up with him the rest of the night would be worth it to get this unsettled feeling. So I quietly opened the door just in time to see him projectile vomit so violently he couldn't breathe. In the split second I opened the door, this began. He was panicking and couldn't breathe and had inhaled a lot of vomit in the time it took for me to run to him. I held him as he calmed down and the vomit just kept coming, I couldn't believe the force of it, and to my horror, he went floppy in my arms. I screamed for an ambulance and got him to the hospital. The doctor said if I hadn't gone in and witnessed it and helped him, he could've fallen unconscious or inhaled a lot more or choked. It could be much much worse. He asked out of interest why I had gone to check him when he was asleep at the time I woke up. I told him 'intuition' and he smiled. Said he had a lot of parents get this and science couldn't explain it but that parents' intuition is a wonderful thing and never to ignore it.

    This is just one example, but there have been many times when I have had a vague unsettled feeling and followed my gut instinct, and it has worked for the better. I never have these feelings at any other time, only ever about my children." -- SquitsMcGrish/Reddit

  • Bump in the Night


    "My friend crashed his car, I was in the back seat. It was around 3 a.m. and a couple of miles from his house. A couple of minutes later, his parents showed up in their pajamas. Somehow they heard the crash, and just knew it was their son. Nobody was hurt." -- Cons_tha_Dons/Reddit

  • Double Trouble


    "When my twins were about 4 months old, we still swaddled them so that they would sleep. I would let them cry themselves to sleep if need be. One day, during a nap, I hear this muffled cry, and normally I'd just let it go, but something told me to go check. One of my twins had rolled from back to front for the first time while swaddled and was facedown. I rolled her over and freed her arms. Unswaddled sleeping began that day." -- juhesihcaaa/Reddit


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