15 Things Families Do for the Holidays Instead of Buying a Crapload of Gifts

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Gifts are my love language, so I really enjoy the process of shopping for and exchanging gifts with the people I love. My husband, on the other hand, would be totally fine if he never got a gift ever again. He'd much rather save for a trip or just have a quiet day at home instead. This is a story about people who are much more like my husband than like me.


Whether it is because they have a tiny budget or are fortunate to already have everything they need, there are some families that are happy to skip giving gifts entirely. What they give instead is, in some cases, even more meaningful -- gifts of peace and time and even a permanent legacy. 

I'm still looking forward to a load of presents under our tree, but I have to say I am inspired by some of these great ideas. 

Click on for ideas of how to give without ever having to buy a roll of wrapping paper -- it might just change your definition of what makes a great gift. 

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