Could the 'Mom Poo Selfie' Trend Be the Best Form of Birth Control Yet?


With social media such a huge part of our lives today, you may have thought we'd reached the final frontier when it came to sharing. But hold on -- there's a new selfie in town, and it'll have you doing a double-take. Mom blogger Sophie Cachia shared a poo selfie that illustrates just how much motherhood truly changes your life -- in every possible way. 


At first it looks like this mama, who runs the Young Mommy blog, and her little guy are simply enjoying a cuddle, but when you read her hilarious caption you learn what's really going on. Some may even consider it a cautionary selfie! Take a peek:

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Too funny, right? In a strange way you have to admire her blunt honesty. If you don't have kids, no one is going to tell you about this tightly held secret. And even if someone did tell you, you probably wouldn't believe it. Or, you'd have that reaction that plenty of not-yet-parents do: "Oh, that'll never happen to me!" 

But in reality, here are your choices: Either let them in and finish your poop in peace, or lock the door and listen to them knocking like their little lives depend on it (or, worse, crying and whining on the other side until they hear you flush). 

Sure, documenting it with a pic might seem a little out there, but Cachia isn't alone! This mom also knows that kids do not care what you're doing. When they want mama, they find mama! (And then they sit on her lap!)

Having my morning poo. Fml

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Something about the thought of a mom enjoying a little time alone -- whether it be on the phone, taking a nap, or just trying to use the toilet -- makes her the most in-demand woman on the planet. 

While we hope this doesn't become a new trend that starts blowing up our feeds (and ruining our appetites), it sure it good for a laugh and great for letting us know we're not the only ones longing for a little time alone on the loo.

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