Don't Scrooge Yourself: 9 Holiday Indulgences Every Mom Should Gift Herself

’Tis the season for getting just what you wished for, that includes you, moms of the Internet. While you’re busy buying and planning for everybody else, don’t forget to treat yourself too. Small indulgences are easy ways to keep yourself in the spirit of the season, and even better, they remind you that you are worth being spoiled, even if you have to do it for yourself. Remember: If Mama ain’t merry, nobody is, so indulge yourself in holiday style to help make the season bright. Here are nine ideas to get you started.


1. Schedule yourself a spa treatment in the middle of the holiday rush. Put it on the family calendar so everyone knows Mom’s taking the afternoon off to recharge her batteries.

2. Start a new family tradition: sleeping in and then breakfast in bed for Mom the day after she hosts a holiday party. All parents know the gift of being well-rested is truly priceless.

3. Take yourself to the movies and see what you want, when you want, and don’t share your popcorn with anyone. Luxury! 

4. Nothing says put your feet up and relax like dessert just for you after a session of marathon holiday shopping (even if you did it online in your pajamas—or even while you do it online in your pajamas). Which Edwards dessert will you pick: Pumpkin Crème, Georgia-style Pecan, or Hershey’s Chocolate Crème? Maybe a bite of each? Yes, please!

5. Give yourself the gift of showering TWO DAYS IN A ROW, like you’re royalty or something. (Hey, sometimes this is all a busy mom’s schedule will allow, so take what you can get.) Throw in a winterfresh body wash or bath bomb (mmm, peppermint) for extra festiveness.

6. Cook (or order!) dinner based on what you want. If the kids don’t like it, let them eat (fruit)cake.

7. Treat yourself to a completely unnecessary but totally fun holiday version of a mundane object. Maybe it’s a pretty organizer for your holiday recipe cards, a cute designer case for your smartphone, or a new set of winter-themed flannel sheets for your bed. Little touches go a long way toward inspiring holiday cheer.

8. Get an advent calendar just for you. It seems like there’s one for every taste these days—gourmet chocolate, beer or whiskey, makeup, small toys, you name it. Having this tiny indulgence to look forward to each day can recapture some of the magic of being a kid at Christmastime. 

9. Join (or organize) a holiday gift swap among friends. Draw names so each person sends and receives an agreed-upon gift: a scarf or a CD or a dozen cookies or some other favorite treat.

How will you indulge yourself this holiday season?


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