11 WTF Items That Kids Ordered Online Without Telling Their Parents

Tanvier Peart | Nov 23, 2016 Being a Mom
11 WTF Items That Kids Ordered Online Without Telling Their Parents
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If children had access to money and the ability to buy whatever they want, what do you think they would choose? Sadly, many moms and dads have an answer to this question thanks to their kids' knowing how to unlock their phones and computers and hit the "Buy it now" button. 

Children have been known to do some pretty crazy stuff -- including purchase the most random of things using their parents' credit card information. 

These moms and dads -- who've likely found new ways to turn their smartphones and computers into Fort Knox -- are opening up about the charges and miscellaneous items their kids "gifted" them without their knowledge.

  • Pizza

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    "I thought using one of those pizza apps that lets you store your [payment] info and buy pizza when you're too busy to cook would be a good idea. I guess my 7-year-old did too, because he loved purchasing not one, not three, but eight extra-large cheese pizzas when he was supposed to be playing a game on my phone. I didn't know what to do when I saw the delivery guy at my house -- I thought he made a mistake!" -- Rochelle P.

  • Tickets to 'Disney on Ice'

    Disney character Little Mermaid at Disney on Ice show

    "I got into an argument with my 9-year-old daughter about why she couldn't go to 'Disney on Ice' because of her behavior. (She was going through a major brat stage at the time.) In spite, she decided to go behind my back and 'accidentally purchase' four tickets to an upcoming show. The worst part is that the show wasn't even in driving distance! I'm still pissed about it." -- Gwen R.

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  • Lingerie

    Beautiful female underwear. Lace panties and bra

    "I sometimes buy random things from Amazon and have them sent to me at work. I'll never forget opening up a package I couldn't remember buying in my cubicle and pulling out a crotchless lingerie set. My wife's good friend who works with me just so happened to walk by and immediately called my wife -- who, of course, thought I was having an affair. After a lengthy argument at home and some research, we discovered our 6-year-old was playing around on my computer." -- Daniel Y.

  • Motorcycle Parts

    Car parts

    "My husband and I got into a heated discussion because I thought he purchased a motorcycle behind my back once boxes of parts started arriving at the house. I made him sleep on the couch for lying, and as it turns out, he wasn't. Our dear sweet daughter (she's almost 2) had a field day on Amazon!" -- Karlie P.

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  • $487 Worth of Legos

    Blurry shot of colorful bricks

    "Can I really get upset at an 8-month-old buying so many Legos? I'll admit I cried when I saw a bill for $487 appear in my credit card's pending transactions. Thankfully, I was able to contact the company and get everything sorted out before they shipped all those Legos to my house. I don't keep my phone unlocked anymore." -- Elaine N.

  • Headlamp & Tablet

    Black LED head lantern with elastic fixtures
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    "An unexpected Amazon box was delivered to our house one afternoon. I was mildly confused at the contents -- a tablet and a headlamp. After confirming with my husband that he had not ordered those items, a lightbulb went off, or a headlamp, if you will. My bright eyed, long-lashed, sweet little 4-½-year-old boy had decided to treat himself to some new things. He explained that he thought I was just going to hand them over when they arrived. Sorry, kiddo, that's not how it works."  -- Sarah C.

  • Self-Pleasure Toy

    Red ribbed vibrator with female bag
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    "Look, I have needs that go beyond trying to be a great mother to my children. I've been 'toying' around with the idea of getting a vibrator to spice up my nonexistent sex life but never pulled the trigger. My 3-year-old must've been playing on my phone and somehow saw my previous searches. Guess what showed up at the house a week later? Yup, a vibrator." -- Shannen E.

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  • $60 Worth of Candy Crush Items


    "I think I played this game once, maybe twice, before I forgot about it. Too bad I didn't think to uninstall it. I'm now the proud owner of a $59.99 bundle of Candy Crush Saga items thanks to my 4-year-old. $60 f*cking dollars!" -- Anne D.

  • Lettuce ... Lots of Lettuce

    Fresh Lettuce on Market.
    korkut kazcin/Shutterstock

    "My awesome 8-year-old thought it would be funny to order six bags worth of lettuce on my grocery store delivery app. Luckily lettuce isn't too expensive, though we did have salad and lettuce wraps for two weeks straight. Guess my son will think about doing that again. Eat every last one of these veggies, kid." -- Ryelin H.

  • Personal Training Package

    Abstract blur gym and fintess room interior

    "You know how there are phone apps you can use to sign up for classes at the gym? I have one, and I guess my 9-year-old son thought it was a cool app to play on seeing as he signed me up for multiple personal training sessions without my knowledge. Yeah, they're not cheap ... at all." -- Priscilla W.

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  • An Online Donation to Charity

    Close up of donate button on computer keyboard

    "Out of all the things my son could've purchased online by accident, I'm glad it was a donation to a charity. I still don't know how he did it, but I wish he entered more than $3.16, as the gift has my name on it. Talk about looking cheap. It's the thought that counts, right?" -- Sherine T.

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