15 Dads Share Their Brutally Honest Feelings About Breastfeeding

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Men have been known to say some pretty "interesting" things from time to time, which can make certain topics -- like parenting, for example -- all the more enjoyable. For those who have ever wanted to know what the gents really think about breastfeeding, pull up a chair, because we caught up with 11 dads who opened up about how they feel about their wives and partners breastfeeding. Some answers might be what we'd expect to hear, and others will probably be quite surprising.


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We already know that women have tons of feelings and opinions about breastfeeding -- some hate it, some love it -- but what about the men in their lives? Normally, we wouldn't advocate doing anything off of what only men think, but the truth is that sooner or later Dad is going to notice that Mom has to pull her shirt down multiple times a day, and he's going to have some thoughts about it. What do men really think about breastfeeding? Can they see anything beyond the sexualized breast as a mama feeds the baby? Well, not necessarily. Some men we spoke with saw breastfeeding as an awesome act that they felt grateful their partners were providing for their children, while others ... well, they were less enthusiastic. Take a look at these real confessions, but remember that no matter what a man thinks, breastfeeding is a personal choice.

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