15 Dads Share Their Brutally Honest Feelings About Breastfeeding

Tanvier Peart | Nov 18, 2016 Being a Mom
15 Dads Share Their Brutally Honest Feelings About Breastfeeding
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Men have been known to say some pretty "interesting" things from time to time, which can make certain topics -- like parenting, for example -- all the more enjoyable. For those who have ever wanted to know what the gents really think about breastfeeding, pull up a chair, because we caught up with 11 dads who opened up about how they feel about their wives and partners breastfeeding. Some answers might be what we'd expect to hear, and others will probably be quite surprising.

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We already know that women have tons of feelings and opinions about breastfeeding -- some hate it, some love it -- but what about the men in their lives? Normally, we wouldn't advocate doing anything off of what only men think, but the truth is that sooner or later Dad is going to notice that Mom has to pull her shirt down multiple times a day, and he's going to have some thoughts about it. What do men really think about breastfeeding? Can they see anything beyond the sexualized breast as a mama feeds the baby? Well, not necessarily. Some men we spoke with saw breastfeeding as an awesome act that they felt grateful their partners were providing for their children, while others ... well, they were less enthusiastic. Take a look at these real confessions, but remember that no matter what a man thinks, breastfeeding is a personal choice.

  • Kind of a Turn-On

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    "I'm not a creeper or anything, but seeing my wife take care of our daughter makes me love her even more. I have so much more appreciation for her strength and all that her body is able to achieve. I won't lie, I get easily turned on now that she's a mother and find myself giving her 'the look' after she nurses our child." -- Richard F.

  • Not a Big Deal

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    "I will never get why people make such a fuss about women breastfeeding. There's a pretty good chance you ate off your mom's boob, so why are you mad?" -- Steve W.

  • Extended Breastfeeding Annoys the Sh*t Out of Me

    Young handsome man annoyed by his girlfriend.

    "I'll probably have to sleep on the couch for this, but enough is enough. I love that my wife has had so much success with breastfeeding our daughter Grace. But Grace is 3 now (almost 4) and drinks her water and juice from a cup without problem. Can we stop with the breastfeeding now -- or at the very least, put it in a cup?" -- Warren H.

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  • Makes Me Feel Helpless at Times

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    "We've tried the whole bottle thing and it doesn't work. My twins love nursing directly from their mama and that makes late-night feedings even more hectic. I wish I could help more ..." -- Alan K.

  • Not a Fan Anymore

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    "I thought it was cool that my lady breastfed our first child. It was also no problem when she did it for our second. Now we're on child number four, and I'm starting to see changes in the way her breasts look. They're more elongated and just different. I will always love every part of her (she made me a father), but you asked me a question. I'm not a huge fan of breastfeeding anymore." -- Patrick U.

  • Gets Me Angry When Others Stare

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    "I almost got into a fight with an old lady at a grocery store. This mean woman kept staring at my girlfriend -- who was nursing our child covered, mind you -- and had many comments under her breath. Buy your sh*t and keep on moving! I hate that women who breastfeed outside the house have to experience such criticism." -- Harrison G.

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  • The Boob Job I Never Had to Pay For

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    "Breastfeeding isn't about getting a bigger rack ... but I'm not mad at the bonus of 'growth' that came with bringing life and feeding our son." -- James S.

  • Can Gross Me Out

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    "How do I put this nicely? The act of breastfeeding doesn't 'gross me out.' I do, however, worry about my wife, specifically the 'sensations' that come when the breasts are stimulated. I have left her breasts alone since she's still nursing our daughter ... but I think about how things will be once she's done, and whether or not it will be weird -- or channel breastfeeding memories -- if I put my mouth on them when we're intimate. That grosses me out." -- Charlie G.

  • I Wish I Could Try It

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    "I know I'm not the only guy alive who's thought about what it must feel like to breastfeed a kid. I see my wife doing it all the time and am curious about how it feels. She and our son have the most incredible bond. Just don't tell anyone I said this. We aren't using last names ... right?" -- Adam S.

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  • It Takes Over Everything!

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    "I'm not complaining that my wife breastfeeds ... but I wish she'd remember that life is happening around her that does not involve our son and her breasts. It's been next to impossible to get her to leave the house for 'us time' -- even when she pumped enough milk for three days. All I'm asking is to go to Applebee's. Is that so hard?" -- Braden D.

  • Makes Sex More Interesting

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    "You obviously asked guys what they think about breastfeeding for a reason, so I'll tell you something many men think about: sex. Yeah, shocker. I had no idea how to handle my wife's breasts once we got the green light to, um, you know. I was afraid her milk would squirt everywhere, but that doesn't happen as much as you'd think. I'll have to wait before I can play with them how I used to, but for now sex is good." -- Jordan A.

  • 'It's a Job!'

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    "Nursing moms should get some sort of kickback for breastfeeding. My wife keeps a schedule, has reminders on her phone, an adaptor to pump in her car, and those little bags she keeps everywhere. I'm so impressed with her dedication and how much she hustles to keep up with our baby's demand. It's a job!" -- Owen C.

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  • I Had No Idea

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    "I didn't know much about breastfeeding or the hassles women experience trying to do so until my wife went back to work. She would call me crying -- so frustrated about not having time to pump milk for our son. Luckily, Maria had a co-worker who experienced similar frustrations who helped her manage and find ways to get it done.

    "Knowing about the hurdles and lack of support working mothers who breastfeed experience inspires me to advocate for changes at work. I want women to have a quiet and private place to pump without feeling harassed or hassle." -- Mark P.

  • Isn't as Sexual as I Thought

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    "I'll probably catch some sh*t for this, but I couldn't picture my girlfriend using her breasts to nurse a baby when we ... you know, use them for other stuff. I was worried making a 'switch' would cause a problem, but it doesn't. I don't get to play with my lady's breasts now -- because they're being used for a greater purpose -- but I'm surprised how breastfeeding doesn't evoke a sexual reaction. Definitely learned something new!" -- Aiden F.

  • It's a Touchy Subject

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    "Breastfeeding has been the bane of my family's existence. People -- family, friends, and co-workers -- told my wife how important it is to breastfeed you child and why we should never use formula. Well, she tried, sought help, read books, and took pills and ate edibles to help with her milk production.

    ... Nothing helped.

    "We had to decide between our baby's daily nourishment or catching sh*t for not breastfeeding and chose the latter. My wife still hears BS comments under people's breath that really pisses me off -- and feels like a failure for not being able to breastfeed. 

    "New moms have it bad enough without adding guilt onto their plates. " -- Jordan P.

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