12 Kids Who Completely Mortified Their Parents at the Holiday Table


Several years ago, a mom I know told me how her preschool-aged daughter completely embarrassed her at a holiday dinner. The family was at a restaurant and when the little girl didn't order dessert, her concerned grandma asked her why she hadn't. "I'm going to eat my boogers," the girl happily replied. D'oh! We know this poor mom isn't alone in having her holiday take a shocking turn, thanks to a little one. 


It's hard enough to get our little kids to sit still, eat their meal, and mind their manners at the dinner table every other night of the year, but when it comes to the big holiday gatherings with lots of new and different people, most of us parents just cross our fingers and hope for the best. Please, please let the dinner table chatter be louder than my kid's need to say "butthead" at all the wrong moments. Of course, as we know, wishful thinking is not always enough. Kids will be kids. Always.

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We asked parents in our CafeMom community to share their most mortifying moments at the holiday table, served up courtesy of their kids. Their brave, jaw-dropping responses will horrify delight! (And f we read this, it can't happen to us, right? RIGHT?!)

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