Mom Bans Kids From the Living Room in the Clapback of All Clapbacks (Keep Out!)

Mom creates ultimate living room ban note we all need to read
image: nickdenbow11/Twitter

It can be so f*cking incredibly frustrating trying to keep your house clean. You make a schedule. You get up early. You use what little energy you have left to get your family excited to make your home great again by keeping it clean. And yet, none of that seems to work when you have kids. Feel you're at your breaking point? Feast your eyes on Michele Keylor's living room ban note that's active until Thanksgiving. This Ohio mom of four is not playing any more games and has the ultimate clapback to her messy kids.


We can only imagine how 17-year-old Nick Denbow felt when he stumbled across this epic find. After all, it's not every day that you get banned from a common gathering place in the house.

Still, it totally happened and for good damn reason. Ain't nobody got time to constantly clean a room when you're planning on using it for Thanksgiving -- especially when, as Michelle revealed to Today, she plans on hosting 30 people and just deep-cleaned her carpets.

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"Special permission will be considered for you to sit on my clean furniture and/or walk on my clean carpet only after the following conditions have been met ..."


Tell us how you really feel, Mom.

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So, just what are Mom's conditions to spending some time in the living room, you ask?

Here they are:

1.) You have showered and are dirt and odor free from top to toe.

2.) You are wearing freshly laundered clothing. 

*If permission is granted ... NO food or drinks are permitted at this time!


And just to clarify, you may refer to Michelle using one of the following titles:

- Mom

- Payer of the bills

- Chauffeur

- Queen of the castle

- Person ruining your life

- Bossy b*tch in charge

Whatever works for you!

(Calm down about the "Bossy b*tch" title. Mom's kids range from 17 to 27.)

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This. Is. Epic.

If my kiddos weren't 2 and 1 and my home didn't have an open floor plan, I could totally picture myself doing something like this. Yes, messes, stains, and even a few burn marks come with the parenting territory, but who says you can't fight back every now and again -- or show off your sense of humor in the process?

Michelle's cleaning note is fun and shows that her family has a certain sense of humor that makes finding random "you better not sit your a** in my living room" kind of letters all the more share-worthy.

Who knows if Nick and his friends will attempt to crawl underneath the tape when Mom isn't looking. Boy would we love to see that follow-up!

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