11 Moms & Dads Who Totally Regret Their Baby's Name

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2No One Can Pronounce It

"I thought the name Maeve (pronounced 'MAYV') would be a slam dunk. But no, it wasn't. When people see my daughter's name written they always assume it's mauve -- like I'm infatuated with the color pink or something. How they conclude Maeve is 'mauve' is beyond me. That sounds like dyslexia or a personal problem." -- Cassandra L.

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3Too Many Kids in Our Family Have It

"When we found out we were expecting a little girl, my husband immediately said he wanted to name our baby Amberlyn, and I was cool with it. I didn't know, however, that half of the women in his family were either named Amber, Lynn, or, you guessed it, Amberlyn. So now our daughter shares a baby name with four of her cousins. Great." -- Sydney P.

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4My Mother-in-Law Meddled

"I love my mother-in-law, I really do. But her baby name choice, Esmeralda, was not, I repeat, not, anywhere near the top of my baby name list. She knew that, I knew that, and my wife knew that. And yet, my daughter's name is Esmeralda. It was a surprise to me when I saw it on the birth certificate. I was so mad that I just went along with it. What was I supposed to do, argue with the woman who just brought life into this world?" -- Antonio H.

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5Doesn't Suit the Baby

"Unlike other moms-to-be I know, I actually wanted to wait until I saw my daughter before I chose a baby name. But no, my husband -- in his infinite wisdom that only stretches to our front door -- thought we should choose the name months before her arrival. ("We" decided on Emma.) When we finally met our daughter, we both looked at each other and said, 'She doesn't look like an Emma.' Fresh out of new ideas -- and me tired from 24 hours of labor -- that's the name we went with." -- Farrah T.

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6Gets Annoying to Write

"As much as I like the name Genevieve (or thought I did), it has become a pain in my a**. Aside from having to write this nine-letter baby name on every f*cking government document known to man, I kinda hate the nicknames -- like Gene and Genie -- that people use to shorten it." -- Marissa W.

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7Lost a Bet

"After spending months (months, I tell you) trying to decide on the right baby name for our twins, my partner and I came to no middle ground or conclusion. We're both stubborn, [and] that resulted in the deciding factor being a bet. If the babies were born closer to the date my man chose, his names would stick. If babies were born closer to mine, you get the picture. Obviously I lost because I'm b*tching about the baby names (Charlotte and Ada). They're not horrible, but I still don't like them." -- Simone C.

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8It Makes for an Easy Target

"I can't tell you how excited I was when I found out I was having a boy. I just love the name Boaz [pronounced 'BOH-az'] and wanted to use it for so many reasons. I guess I should've chosen a different baby name as my now teenager gets picked on at school. He tells me kids say to him all the time, 'Yo, Bo. Get your a** over here' or some other stupid line that gets annoying." -- Charlene D.

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9Bad Associations

"I love the name Cain and hate that people always associate it with being negative. Who cares if it's the name of person who killed his brother back in Biblical days. This is 2016! Can my son not live down the joke that has become his name? I feel horrible about it." -- Paul Y.

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10My Family Thinks It's a Hilarious Joke

"My family just loves picking on my son Ferris because of his name. I've heard every joke -- from Ferris wheels to Ferris Bueller's Day Off -- that has made my little boy question if something is wrong with him, because people keep on laughing at him. This is how family is suppose to act?" -- Grace K.

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11Just Don't Like It Anymore

"Have you ever heard about something, thought it would be a great fit for you, bought it, and immediately wanted to take it back? Yeah, that's how I feel about my daughter's name, Kimber. I just don't like it anymore -- but it might be because people always ask where's the rest of the baby name or why I didn't add the 'ly' to it." -- Olivia N.

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