11 Moms & Dads Who Totally Regret Their Baby's Name

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Everyone is entitled to have a change of heart, but what happens when the very thing a mama is second-guessing is the baby's name? As much time, effort, and research that expectant parents put into choosing the "perfect name" for their pending bundle of joy, one would think people would be happy with their decisions ... right? Yeah, think again. Sometimes the worst happens: baby name regret. Here are stories from real parents when it happened to them. 


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While a good number of new moms and dads just love the name they chose for their little one, there are some who wish they could hit the redo button in a game of #JustKidding. Should our readers happen to be among the parents in the latter group -- who may or may not cringe every time they hear a certain baby name (no judgment here) -- please know there are plenty of parents out there who are in the same predicament. And these are the problems they've found with the names they have chosen. 

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These parents are speaking up about why they no longer jibe with their baby's name. In an ideal world, we would love every decision we make, but hey, we don't really live in an ideal world, do we?

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