12 Times Kids Mortified Their Parents in Front of Santa Claus

Wendy Robinson | Dec 5, 2016 Being a Mom
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Confession time: I have two kids and zero pictures of them with Santa. It isn't that I haven't tried, but the first time I took my son, he embarrassed me so much that I've decided waiting in the long line just wasn't worth it! 

Our visit to Santa started innocently enough, until it was my son's turn to sit on Santa's lap. I walked him up when suddenly he froze and then yelled out, "I'm not sitting on his lap! He is a FAT STRANGER!"

Awesome. I'm sure we ended up on the naughty list for that one. 

At least I have company on the totally-embarrassed-parents list-- read on for more amazingly mortifying stories that will have you laughing your tinsel off!

  • The Question


    "My son was sitting on Santa's lap at the mall, and after he told him the toys he wanted, he decided that he wanted to ask Santa a few questions. The most memorable was when he asked Santa, 'So, my mom says you've been watching me. Did you see me naked in the shower this morning?'

    It was an innocent question but Santa hustled him off his lap REAL QUICK after that." -- Marlo M., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • The Fight


    My kids had been waiting in line for Santa for almost 45 minutes and they were overtired and hungry. They ended up getting into a fight, complete with wrestling and attempts to smack each other, right in line. Santa ended up breaking them apart as every other parent gave me the stink eye. SO mortifying." -- Heather C., St. Louis, Missouri

  • The Bribe


    "My kid tried to bribe Santa! He wanted a puppy for Christmas. I told him that Santa didn't give live animals. When we went to take our Santa pictures, I overheard him say, 'Um, Santa? If I give you $12, will you bring me the puppy Mom says I can't have?'

    Santa had my back at least and told me that he didn't deliver puppies." -- Sarah E., El Paso, Texas

  • The Pet?


    "Ooh, this is a doozy. This was about 35 years ago, when people were less sensitive, I think. My daughter was about 5 and we went to the department store for the Santa visit. Santa had some helper elves who were all little people. My daughter had never really seen a little person before. She very loudly said, 'Are those short guys your pet? I have a dog! Are elves your pet?' 

    It was so embarrassing, especially when the elves gave me the dirtiest look." -- Elaine H., Toledo, Ohio

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  • The Vomit

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    "I'm sure most Santas are used to crying kids. But my kid freaked out and cried so hard that he puked right into Santa's beard. It was so gross. He'd just had tomato soup too, so it looked like a crime scene." -- Jessica M., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • The Change


    "When my son was 3 he did the whole Santa pictures thing for the first time. It was at our church, which is mostly black families, so Santa was black too. The next year we took Carter to the mall and when he got up to Santa he blurted out, 'Santa! What happened? You used to be black! How come you're so white now?'

    Hilarious and embarrassing!" -- Sasha D., Kalamazoo, Michigan

  • The Toot

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    "My son was sitting on Santa's lap and let out the loudest fart ever. He smiled and said, 'Santa! Santa! Did you hear that? That was me! I tooted!' 

    Yeah, kid, everyone heard that!" -- Amy W., Phoenix, Arizona

  • The Bad Dad

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    "My daughter's school had an assembly and the center director's husband came dressed as Santa. He was reading a story to the kids and asked for an example of what would put somebody on the naughty list.

    My daughter piped up and said, 'I know! When you pinch someone's bottom! My dad pinches my mom and she says he is a bad boy.' My husband turned SO RED. It was amazing." -- Martha D., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • The Wish


    "My son told Santa -- LOUDLY -- that what he wanted for Christmas was for me to stop being so fat and for his baby sister to NOT come next month.

    I was eight months pregnant and super hormonal. I totally burst into tears." -- Mandy F., Tucson, Arizona

  • The Letter


    "My son yelled at Santa!

    We were at the mall and when it was my son's turn, he pointed his finger at Santa and yelled, 'I wrote you three letters last year and I asked you to write me back AND YOU NEVER DID!'

    I had NO IDEA he actually expected a letter back. Poor Santa was so apologetic about it." -- Olivia W., Hastings, Minnesota

  • The Personal Trainer


    "My son told the mall Santa that he was too fat and needed to stop being so lazy. He volunteered to come to the North Pole to exercise with him and to wake him up early every morning.

    My husband is a personal trainer/boot camp instructor. I blame him for this." -- Joyce H., Stillwater, Minnesota

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