12 Honest Photos That Capture the Raw Beauty of 'Motherhood Unfiltered'

Motherhood UnfilteredWanting to capture the beauty in everyday life as a mom inspired photographer Eran Sudds to pursue a creative and inspiring project she aptly titled Motherhood Unfiltered. Recognizing that all too often we obsess over creating the "picture-perfect" moment, Sudds's breathtaking photos illustrate the gorgeous splendor in the ordinary day. What she achieved is beyond stunning. 


Sudds, who helms the blog/online community the Good Mother Project, told CafeMom that when she came up with the idea she didn't initially realize what a "brave act" it would be for these moms to share their stories with her.

Eighty women applied and, in what had to be an extremely challenging decision, the photographer narrowed it down to a dozen. 

"These women invited me to their homes and let me really see them -- and then photograph them," she said. "And then share their stories online. And each one of them was excited and totally willing to share their lives and their stories. That was amazing to me. It made me realize that I think so many of us just want to be seen, and to share our stories and to find connection in our honesty and truths. It was pretty powerful."

These portraits, and the lives they represent, will move and inspire you with their courage, strength, and unflinching honesty as they prove what Sudds set out to -- that "motherhood is totally beautiful, even in the mundane and ordinary moments."


Image via eran jayne photography

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