Business Trip After Baby: 11 Moms' Advice for Making It Work

Kelly Bryant | Oct 20, 2016 Being a Mom

Just when you feel as though you've gotten over the hump of returning to work after having a baby, the dreaded happens -- it's time for your first business trip as a mom. 

Before a full-fledged panic attack sets in, remind yourself that you've got this. Read some valuable advice from moms who've been there. From pumping on the fly (no, really -- literally pumping while flying) to scheduling extra childcare, these are ladies on the front lines of business travel with some seriously helpful words of wisdom.


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  • Hand Over the Reins

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    "As much as I like to think I'm right about everything (and usually I am), I had to learn to give up control when I started traveling for work over how things are done at home. It doesn't come easily but try to remember that your child is in good hands with your partner. Breathe deeply and let them take the brunt of the work on the homefront." -- Janice A., Ithaca, NY

  • Plan Ahead for Pumping

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    "I had to go on a business trip a month after my daughter was born ... If you're pumping, try and keep as routine a schedule as possible so you don't have a difficult time with production once you get home. Some airports now have nursing/pumping cubes, and you can look up which terminal they're in so you know before you go." -- Jade B., Jacksonville Beach, FL

  • Try to Find Some Zen

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    "For the love of everything ... sleep on that plane! If you've traveled with babies and toddlers, you know this never happens anymore. So catch up on your sleep, rest your eyes, and do everything in your power to relax. You deserve it." -- Michelle A., Glen Ellyn, IL

  • Organize Kids' Necessities

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    "I would pack the kids' clothes in plastic quart-size bags (shirts, pants, socks) for each day I was gone. Now that they're older I also pre-pack snack and lunch for school." -- Tara R., West Milford, NJ

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  • Give Yourself Peace of Mind

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    "Do all you can to make yourself feel comfortable with not being there. Leave a schedule; make sure all items needed are fully stocked, like diapers, wipes, and any medication your baby needs." -- Chenoa S., Torrance, CA 

  • Take Advantage of the Uninterrupted Work Time

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    "Whenever possible, try to get absolutely everything you need done for work while you're away so that you're not bringing any extra work home with you. You're going to want to spend as much time with your baby as possible when you get back, so it's nice if you can cross all of your t's and dot your i's on the trip itself. Also, don't be afraid to ask your boss for a comp day, particularly if you're traveling over a weekend." -- Marisol B., Tampa, FL

  • Make Sure All the Bases Are Covered

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    "I update our emergency contact list every time I have to go away for work with not only our pediatrician's phone number but neighbors and trusted friends. I list everyone in order in terms of who to call first if we're in a childcare jam and so on. That way we have our bases covered." -- Sarah M., Lake Mary, FL

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  • Treat Yo'self

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    "Book a massage and order room service when you get there. Do something for you." -- Nicole C., San Francisco, CA

  • Stay Connected

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    "Depending on how old your child is, consider doing a quick video call, maybe at a scheduled time each day when you know they're typically awake or in good spirits. But if it you think it will be too stressful to your baby to see you and not be able to touch you, scratch that plan. You'll be home shortly and life will return to normal." -- Darcy N., Brooklyn, NY

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  • Share Calendars & Lists

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    "There are some really fantastic apps out there that help families get organized. You can input grocery lists, calendars, etc. I have a bad habit of micro-managing everything, and while I try to go with the flow on a work trip, being able to share this info with my husband from afar puts my anxiety at ease." -- Katerina L., Tucson, AZ

  • If It's at the Right Time, Take Advantage

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    "I used a four-day work trip to wean my daughter from breastfeeding! She was one and I was done -- but dreading it." -- Carmen C., Los Angeles, CA

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