Mom Tries to Give Away Teen in Hilarious Facebook Ad & We Totally Get It

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Behind every smiling child in a yearbook photo ... is a mom whose kid can be a brat! Children have been known to test their parents' limits, possibly causing brief episodes where mom or dad questions their sanity. This is why we can't stop laughing at this mother's hilarious Facebook post offering up her hormonal teen to a good home. It's too funny and so perfect.


Ella Jane Brookbanks might live across the pond, but Mom is onto something we can all relate to. Jokingly placing an "ad" for her 32 14-year-old son, Ella is obviously fed up with her moody teen.

"He is sold with only 1 complete outfit because he just doesn't agree with wearing anything else other than the torn & ripped skinny jeans & a green battered top from H&M ..."

Mom also adds:

Qualities include door slamming, wearing battered looking trainers in the house, spending more time on his hair than his showers, mood swings, not having the energy to hoover his room but having the energy to skateboard.


I can only imagine what my mom would have written if Facebook was around 18 years ago. (Somehow, I feel a foot rub and Skor bar would have been taken as payment!)

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Parenting is hard. I never knew how much patience I had until I become a mother to my boys -- and while I do my best to always try to keep calm and carry on, I'll admit there are days (many days) when I need to take a time-out in the closet or scream into a pillow.

... And they aren't even near their teenage years yet.

It's not hard to imagine the frustrations Ella has raising a teen. Hell, who here doesn't remember giving their mom or dad grief during those wonder years? Between the hormones and Beverly Hills, 90210 situations that often come with the territory, if a parent needs to vent from time to time, by all means.

Plus, it's not like this mom was a meanie about the whole situation. Maybe those who encouraged Ella to make her post public knew her humorous approach would let other mothers know they aren't alone?

Don't mom and son look cute together? He looks like a good sport!

Man, I need to call my mom and do some apologizing.



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