14 Kids on the Surprising Things They Say Makes a Great Mom

Wendy Robinson | Sep 2, 2016 Being a Mom
14 Kids on the Surprising Things They Say Makes a Great Mom

There are days when I feel certain that I am killing it at the mom game. There is playing and snuggles and two kids who act like little beams of sunshine. But then there are days ... hoo boy, there are days. Days when my patience is short and the whining is loud and I can't help but wonder if I am screwing this all up. 

It can be hard to know what makes a good mom. It seems like the bar is always moving, and goodness knows that there are about a million different self-appointed parenting experts on the Internet who would be glad to tell me that I'm doing it all wrong. 

So, I decided to ask an expert what makes a good mom. A 4-year-old expert, who happens to live in my house. According to Evelyn, a good mom is someone who "loves me so much! And makes me toast!"

Love and toast -- I can handle that! And even though I like Evelyn's standard, I decided I better let a few other kid experts weigh in on what makes a good mom. I think you'll find the answers amusing, enlightening, and maybe even inspiring. 

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  • Cookie Time

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    "First of all, why are you asking? Cuddling with kids. When she doesn't want to cook and there's no food left, she takes me to restaurants, gets me a cookie at Target, makes good tacos, her name is Mom, Mommy buys me birthday presents and everything in my room." -- Sarah, age 8 

  • Cool Treat

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    "Lets them have Popsicles a bunch." -- Bryce, age 5

  • Acceptance

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    "Somebody who accepts you for who are. A kind mom that is sharing and caring." -- Ava (age 11) and Vivian (age 9)

  • Big Spender

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    "Let their kids buy stuff." -- Ben, age 5

    (Ben's mom notes that he currently has $5 burning a hole in his pocket!)

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  • No Opinion

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    From a trio of brothers: 

    "A good mom lets me play video games." -- Rupert (7)

     "A good mom listens and helps with homework." -- Duncan (9)

    "No opinion at this time." -- Henry (13) 

  • Healthy Kids

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    "They take care of their kids, give lots of hugs, make sure their kids are healthy, and make sure their kids always wear their seat belt." -- Thora, age 4

  • Selfless

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    "Compassionate and understanding. Selfless. Good listener. And don't be a bitch!" -- Kalea, age 17

  • Love

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    "They love their kids and baby"-- Annie, age 5 

    "Ummmm -- poop!!!" -- Tess, age 3

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  • Smart

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    "Someone who knows smart stuff, someone who takes good pictures, and someone who is good at keeping us safe." -- Elliot, age 5

  • Musical

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    "Because they love their little girls in their hearts. And because they like music." -- Lily, age 4

  • Love and Grapes

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    "Love. Your heart. Grapes." -- Ted (age 5) and Annie (age 2)

  • No Pinching

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    "They are good listeners, they play the things their kids want to, they are nice to their kids, they don't let Ruby pinch me." -- Oliver, age 3.5

  • I Just Know

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    "I know what a good mommy is! My mommy is. Because I know she is and she loves me in her heart." -- Gracie, age 4

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