Uncensored Video About 'Perfect Moms' Is One We All Need to Watch

The Drunk Mom shares heartwarming reminder all moms need to hear

If you're a mom, there's probably a good chance you've felt frustrated, like a failure, and any other emotion that comes with the "I'm a parent and have major self-doubt" territory. And guess what? That's okay. Forget society's standards -- including the need to look like the perfect mom or dad, for the sake of keeping up appearances. Amy Wright is "The Drunk Mom" whose reminder to parents to "F*ck it" every once in a while is something we all need to hear.


Amy Wright is a wife and mom-of-five who's #soover the airbrushed and filtered BS many of us see today. And rather than trying to act like she's the quintessential mom, Amy is challenging all of us to embrace our imperfections.

That time I shit my pants #reallife

Posted by The Drunk Mom on Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Seriously, if you don't have a mom friend like this -- who will call you on your sh*t, admit her own, and be a go-to source for emotional support -- you better find one, and fast.

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As Amy says in her The Drunk Mom Facebook video:

So here's the deal. Just because you see a mom who looks great, or some woman who's a size two -- and she makes you feel bad about yourself -- you're seeing the very edited version of that person. ...

Edited. Edited. Edited.

Those are the pieces of their lives that they want you to see.

Yes, yes, and hell yes to this.

Mom also adds:

You are not alone. Your life is not going to be perfect. F*ck it. Who cares? Laugh about it. Move on. 'Cause I guaran-damn-tee you in 10 years you're going to look back and say, 'That wasn't that big of a f*cking deal.' [It] feels like it is today, 'cause you're living in it, but it's totally cool.

I for one am so thankful that I know a few mommies who aren't afraid to show their mess and admit when they don't have it all together. It can become so annoying and so tiresome to try to keep up appearances -- or even cultivate a new friendship with someone who doesn't own his or her sh*t.

Have you ever tried to hold a conversation with a mom whose child never does anything wrong? Or what about those parents who refuse to admit they ever do anything wrong, as if they'll lose "points" or receive unwanted stares of shame?

Yeah, stuff like that irks me and makes me feel sad that folks feel the need to lie in order to feel good about themselves or fit in. (That's what makes posts like Amy's so damn refreshing.)

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The truth is, you don't have to wake up "flawless" like Beyonce, and you also don't need to cake on layers of foundation to hide the tear streaks from your face.

Every parent is going through his or her own battles, and you aren't weak for admitting it. As Amy says, "Take a breath, pour a drink, and chill out."

I say cheers to all the flawed moms and dads who are doing their best to raise their children. You never know how your parenting testimony will affect -- or even empower -- others.

Thanks, Amy!


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