12 Moms Who Could Not Possibly Be Any More Ready for Summer to End

Wendy Robinson | Aug 15, 2016 Being a Mom

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Confession time: At this moment, I don't exactly know where my 4-year-old is. I'm pretty sure she's in the house. She probably has the iPad with her. There is a good chance she snuck a package of fruit snacks out of the pantry. I should probably go check on her but it is August and school is still weeks away and I am OVER IT. 

Don't get me wrong -- summer break can be great. We've had lots of fun at the swimming pool and eating ice cream cones in the backyard. The kids have enjoyed those slower days when they don't have to get out of their jammies until noon. All good things.

But there has also been bickering and unending demands for snacks and, the further we get away from our school year routines, a total slacking of our normal screen time rules. 

We're still three weeks away from the start of school and I know I'm not the only mom who is SO OVER summer. Read on for some real talk about what the end of summer really looks like for those of us counting down to September. 


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  • Tough Choices

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    "At 4 p.m. every day I debate between coffee, wine, or both." -- Ara E., Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

  • Bath Time?

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    "In the summer, the following things count as baths: swim lessons, playing with the hose, running though the sprinklers, going to the splash pad, and playing in the plastic pool in the backyard. I haven't washed my son's hair in over a month." -- Jennifer G., Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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  • Camp Time

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    "I paid a sh*t ton of money to send my three boys to a one-week camp. And, I lied about my 4-year-old's age so he could go too. He's tall and super verbal so no one would ever question it." -- Sara S., Sioux Falls, South Dakota

  • Screen Time

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    "During the school year, my kids get no screen time during the week. At this stage of the summer, I don't care how much screen time my kids have as long as they aren't fighting with each other or bugging me for stuff. My parenting game is way off right now." -- Leslie F., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Take It Outside

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    "Too much TV is being watched and I don't care.

    Also, I may or may not have locked them out of the house after kicking them out because of endless fighting and house trashing and said, 'If you're going to act like animals go outside with the real ones!'

    I let them back in after probably 15-ish minutes, during which time I stood in the kitchen looking at them stare at me in disbelief while I ate an ice cream cone." Emily L., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • More on 'Bath' Time

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    "Swimming lessons always count as baths in this house! We also know the Nickelodeon schedule by heart at this time of year." -- Tracy R., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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  • Sorry, Park Is Closed!

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    "I may or may not tell my 2-year-old on occasion that the park is 'closed' (in the middle of the day) because I don't have the energy to walk over there." -- Abby W., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • One More Trip

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    "We did a lot of little trips this summer. We have one more to go and I am already over it. Kids in a hotel are a sleep nightmare; at this point in the summer it just isn't fun anymore. It feels like work. I am SO READY for school to start." -- Denise F., Indianola, Iowa

  • All the Snacks

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    "I stopped cooking because it's so hot and gross out I just don't feel like it. I also let my toddler watch TV with me because we can't get outside as much and the gross weather makes me feel like a slug. She's not gotten any screen time most of her short life but now I don't care as much. Can't wait until fall." -- Jennifer D., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Lazy Days

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    "We started the summer so strong. Parks and swimming and the children's museum, all that stuff. Now we are both just done. There is a lot of lying around the house and trying to stay cool. Now a typical day is watching Frozen three times and having popcorn for lunch." -- Amy R., Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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  • Listening Ears

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    "My boy got a 'bad listening ears' note at school (he laughed at the teachers when he was getting yelled at) and I should've punished him by keeping him inside. But I didn't want to be around him, so he is outside playing with everyone else." -- Jaclyn D., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Hanging On

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    "August is the busiest time of year for me at work and my kids are so squirrelly and bored. At this point, we are just hanging on for dear life. Three weeks and counting." -- Sara N., Pine City, Minnesota

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