11 Lies Moms Tell Their Kids -- Because Sometimes You Just Gotta!

Liz Alterman | Sep 2, 2016 Being a Mom

lies moms tell As parents, we're all too familiar with the many little fibs our kids tell us. But what about the times moms need to bend the truth a bit? Reddit users shared some of the funniest -- and most familiar -- lies their moms told them. 

Whether your mom told you the same ones or you've used these lines on your own youngsters, you're bound to get a kick out of hearing these fibs. Take a look and enjoy a laugh at the fact that we're all in this parenthood business together. 


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  • Later...


    "'We can do that later.' Then 'later' never comes.'" -- flyingfingers

    Plenty of moms might mean it when they say it, but this does seem like a common stalling tactic that turns into great, big "never gonna happen."

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  • Grocery Store Lies


    "'I'll be right back,' says mother as you're in the grocery check out line, as the conveyor belt proceeds to complete conveying all the groceries, and then the nice man tells you the total. All the while you curse your mother for taking you to the grocery store in the first place. Still no sight of mom." -- toboner

    Oh, we've all been there, wanting to scream, "MOM, come back!"

  • I'd Never!


    "'I'd never do [insert reckless behavior from your youth].' Meanwhile at a family gathering, my aunt tells me stories of how my mom, who was also an RA, was doing keg stands with her residents at an Ivy League school." -- captain_dux

    Okay, this is definitely a mom we'd like to get to know better!

  • Where's My Toy?


    "'I don't know what happened to that loud obnoxious toy you love to play with every waking moment.'" -- ColonelSanders_1930

    Hey, kids, sometimes it's all about a mom's self-preservation. We gotta do what we gotta do and if that means making a loud toy disappear, oh well! 

  • Dog Gone Wild


    "'I'm sorry Timmy, but your dog ran away.' Really? Did he take all the food, bowls, and toys with him?" -- headzoo

    Oh, this is a rough one, but at least Mom didn't say he's "at a farm." We all know what that means!

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  • Let Them Eat Cake


    "'I don't want the last piece, take it!' Just remember that most moms love their kids and will always put their wishes behind their kids'." -- JohnDarwin89

    Awww, this guy is right! Moms are super-selfless and always making sacrifices -- especially if it's for the good of their kids. But that doesn't always mean she didn't want it.

  • The Wet Bathing Suit Trick


    "'Change out of that wet bathing suit or you'll get diarrhea.' Only years later did I learn that this was a trick so we didn't sit on the couch in a wet bathing suit." -- plausible-rationale

    Ha! We are totally stealing this one! 

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  • Eyes in the Back of Your Head


    "'I have eyes in the back of my head.'" -- jarvitz2

    If it stops a kid from getting into trouble, we totally support this mom pretending to possess an extra set of eyes!

  • Truth Serum


    "'If you tell me the truth, you won't get in trouble.'" -- guile20

    In this mom's defense, it's hard to say a kid won't receive punishment until you know exactly what he's done. 

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  • Jackie Chan Eats It!


    "When my sister and I didn't want to eat zucchini, my mom said 'I've read an interview with Jackie Chan and he said he eats zucchini to stay strong.' We were crazily into Jackie Chan back then. Of course, there's no such interview." -- KrishaCZ

    We've heard of moms saying that veggies will give you muscles, but we like that this lady took it a step further. Points for originality!

  • You Wouldn't Like It


    "While sneaking the good snacks: 'Mommy, what are you eating? I want some!' 

    'It's really spicy, you wouldn't like it.'" -- Switzerland87

    Sometimes moms just don't feel like sharing. Sorry. 

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