'One Is Easy': 11 Truths Only Moms of Multiples Know

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I've been pregnant twice and, as a twin myself, I can say that both times I've breathed a sigh of relief to find out that I only had one baby on board. There is no doubt in my mind that having twins or other multiples is not for parenting weaklings -- and I'm not sure I would have made it through even the thought of trying to breastfeed and handle nighttime wake-ups times two!


I have no doubt that parenting teaches all of us lessons along the way. But what are the lessons that only moms of multiples learn? 

I decided to ask some rock star moms of twins and triplets to share what they've learned along the sometimes challenging road of being a parent of multiples. You might just be surprised at what they shared. Click on for the candid truth!


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