'One Is Easy': 11 Truths Only Moms of Multiples Know

Wendy Robinson | Aug 24, 2016 Being a Mom

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I've been pregnant twice and, as a twin myself, I can say that both times I've breathed a sigh of relief to find out that I only had one baby on board. There is no doubt in my mind that having twins or other multiples is not for parenting weaklings -- and I'm not sure I would have made it through even the thought of trying to breastfeed and handle nighttime wake-ups times two!

I have no doubt that parenting teaches all of us lessons along the way. But what are the lessons that only moms of multiples learn? 

I decided to ask some rock star moms of twins and triplets to share what they've learned along the sometimes challenging road of being a parent of multiples. You might just be surprised at what they shared. Click on for the candid truth!


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  • People Are Nosy


    "I've learned that, when you have triplets, people are SO NOSY. I can't believe the questions people ask me about whether or not they were 'natural' and about how expensive it is and stuff like that. How my kids were conceived and how much money we have is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS." -- Karla P., Toledo, Ohio

  • Not Instant BFFs


    "Before I had my girls, I always assumed that twins, especially identical ones, were instant and permanent BFFs. Now I realize that their relationship has ebb and flow, just like all siblings. Sometimes they love each other, sometimes they fight like cats." -- Michelle J., Houston, Texas

  • One Is Easy


    "Having twins has shown me that I'm kind of judgy when moms of singletons complain. One crying baby at a time? Easy. I don't actually tell people this though." -- Name withheld

  • More Love, Less Sleep


    "My partner and I were always set on only having two kids, so having twins made that easier. We knocked it out on the first try! I feel like twins are more love but less sleep. I feel like I haven't had a decent night of sleep in five years. One of them is always going through some sort of sleep issue, it feels like." -- Manda J., Flagstaff, Arizona 

  • People Are Dumb


    "It drives me crazy that people don't understand how twins happen. My mother-in-law loves to tell people that we have twins because her husband had a cousin that had twins. Um, no, that isn't how that happens. My huband's father's cousin's DNA doesn't make me release two eggs a month! So dumb." -- Name withheld

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  • Childcare Is Killer


    "My husband and I did a lot of financial planning before we tried to get pregnant. We wanted to make sure we could afford a baby, especially since full-time daycare in our area is well over $1,200 a month for an infant. We both planned to keep working once we had a child.

    Then, surprise! Twins! While most of the other costs associated with having two babies at once have been more manageable, daycare times two is a killer. My husband is a stay-at-home dad now, which wasn't our plan at all, but $2,450 a month for daycare made working seem pointless." -- Jessica D., Saint Paul, Minnesota 

  • It Is Possible!


    "Yes, it is work and isn't always easy, but breastfeeding twins IS possible, if you want it badly enough." -- Star Y., Tucson, Arizona

  • Nature Versus Nurture


    "With twins, it is so clear that all babies have their own personalities and will hit milestones at their own speed. My kids have the exact same home, parents, and diets -- and yet one is walking and the other isn't crawling yet, for example. Twins are an amazing way to think about the whole nature versus nurture debate." -- Pammie S., Saint Paul, Minnesota 

  • Messy House Truth


    "My lesson? Nobody has ever died of a messy house! With three 4-year-olds, cleaning is pretty low on my list of life priorities. I used to be a neat freak, and having triplets has forced me to lower my standards ... A LOT." -- Danielle W., Phoenix, Arizona

  • Marriage Strain


    "My husband and I are both only children and had planned to have one child, if we had kids at all. We love to travel and eat out and be advetrous and we didn't want to have a life based around kid stuff.

    So, yeah, finding out we were having spontaneous triplets was a shock. We considered reducing the number of embryos but just couldn't do it. So now we have three kids, instead of one. And I'm not goign to lie-- it has been really hard on our relationship. We love them, of course, but I think we are still in a mourning period for what our life was going to be like versus what it is actually like." -- Name withheld

  • NOT Identical


    "My lesson? That way too many people will ask me if my boy/girl twin are identical. Think about it, people. C'mon now." -- Rachael D., Ames, Iowa

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