10 Feels You'll Have Your First Night Away from Baby

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Every new mother deserves some time to herself where she can relax and catch up on some much-needed sleep. And yet, it sometimes feels impossible for Mom to part ways with her baby -- especially when it comes to leaving your little overnight. Does the idea of parting ways with your baby make you panic? You're not the only one.


Whether you need to travel for business, or got talked into taking a baby-free night to yourself by an eager grandparent, it's only natural for a new mother to have strong feelings about leaving her bundle of joy with someone else. Yes, you know the grandparents are capable of taking care of a baby, but that doesn't mean fears will stop racing through your mind.

Should you make the decision to say yes to your child's staying at a loved one's place overnight, there's a good chance you'll likely experience at least one (but probably several) of these feelings.

1. Extreme mommy guilt.

People -- including other moms -- tell you it's okay to enjoy some "mom time," but someone needs to send that memo to your mommy guilt. It just keeps on coming and coming and coming!

2. Fear of any and every accident known to man.

The house will burn down. A zombie apocalypse will begin. You'll forget to pack your baby's special ointment and he'll break out in diaper rash. Yep, if there's a disaster -- even if it's one with a one-in-a-million chance of happening -- you've already thought about it.

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3. Gratitude that someone else is willing to send you a lifeline.

Even if you aren't vocal about the large "Help me!" sign you have written across your forehead, you can't help but love the people in your life -- who try to make things easier -- even more. If they want to deal with bouts of late-night crying and poopy diapers, who are you to stand in their way?

4. Intense focus as you think about all the things you need to pack.

Wait, isn't your baby going to someone's house for one short night?

Well, yes ... but he's is going to need the essentials -- including diapers, ointment, favorite toys, blankets, sippy cups, meals, snacks, stuffed animals, nightlight, and anything else you can remember to pack. Your kid might be spending a night away, but you're going to make sure there isn't a thing you have forgotten that would make him feel right at home.

5. Self-doubt.

Do I REALLY need to leave my baby for a night? Will my decision affect my child ... to the point of needing therapy down the road? Am I making the right decision?

Calm down, Mom. Both you and your baby are going to be okay.

As hard as it likely will be for you to part ways with your sweet child, if you truly are okay with it, try not to second-guess yourself too much. All those questions swirling around your mind will only make you more scared and fearful -- which does nothing to help the situation at all.

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6. Freedom!

So long as you remember to pump (assuming you do breastfeed and pump), the night is yours, mama. (Woo hoo!) You can do whatever it is you want: hit the town, order in, snuggle up next to your boo thang, or opt for the one thing fellow mothers yearn for -- sleep.

Enjoy your much-needed downtime. God knows you deserve it.

7. Missing your kid.

No matter how happy you are at the thought of some good shut-eye, nothing beats good ol' mom guilt that's probably creeping up on you -- right now.

8. A touch of paranoia, as you consider doing a drive-by to check up on baby.

Hey, it's only natural to feel the urge to put on your good robe and book it across town in the middle of the night. After all, what mother doesn't think about her child's well-being? But before you put this plan into motion, remember a call or simple text confirming proof of life is all you need.

9. Pure and utter happiness when you arrive to pick up your child.

Baby is okay! No cuts. No bruises. No noticeable marks.


You see, things worked out just fine.

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10. Stress ... when your loved one asks to watch your kid again.

Um ... do they not realize the terror you experienced being away from your child for one night? What makes them think you're ready to do it again?

Maybe you are and maybe you're not -- only time will decide.

For now, you just want to go home and snuggle with your little stinker. A day away from each other seems like a really long time.



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