14 Epic Grocery Store Meltdowns From Kids Who Can't Even

Anne Meadows | Aug 25, 2016 Being a Mom

Before we had kids, we'd see moms trying to wrangle their screaming, red-faced, and flailing children in public, and turn our shaking heads away. "Ugh, another crying baby," we'd whine, or often tell ourselves, "That will never happen to me -- I'll be a better parent than that." Well, guess what? Every human (not just babies) gets frustrated or angry and has moments where self-control just goes flying out the window. In the moment, it's painfully loud and often embarrassing for all those even tangentially involved. And it's almost impossible to avoid such a meltdown forever.

Now, thanks to the Internet, we can look upon these childish fits from the safety of our seats on the other side of a screen -- where we can more easily appreciate their inherent humor.

Hats off to the warrior parents who have survived so many public meltdowns that they can now react by documenting the scene rather than getting caught up in it. Kudos to the moms out there able to keep their sense of humor when their kids can't keep their tempers. You'll get through the terrible 2 stage soon enough. Until then -- check out these other kids pitching fits and relax in the knowledge that at least this time, the Tasmanian devil child isn't yours.


Image via iStock.com/Juanmonino

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