Kids Make the Best Excuses: 11 Things Only Moms Can Get Away With

Liz Alterman | Jul 21, 2016 Being a Mom
Kids Make the Best Excuses: 11 Things Only Moms Can Get Away With

things moms get out of Being a mom is a lot of work (duh!) but there are certain perks that come along with the title -- aside from all the hugs and kisses, of course. Many times kids offer the perfect excuse for getting out of everything from mundane tasks to bigger events.

Don't tell us you've never used your children as your tiny tickets to freedom! The following are 11 things moms can get away with thanks to the youngsters. 

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  • Eating Kids' Meals

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    Hey, you can't seriously watch those chicken fingers and fries go in the garbage, can you? No way. You had to eat 'em. (And they were amazing!) 

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  • Napping

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    Oh, the beauty of getting a little shut-eye during the day! If you're a busy mom who's been up all night with a crying newborn or sick toddler, you have a pretty valid reason to curl up on the couch and nap right along with your little one.

  • Skipping School Board Meetings

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    When the PTO president calls to remind you that they'll be discussing litterless lunches for the 12th time at the next school meeting, you can always say your sitter canceled and you're so sorry to miss it! 

  • Hosting Holidays

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    Especially if you have a newborn, a well-meaning relative will probably step up to the plate and offer to host the next big holiday dinner. If anyone should try to talk you into having it, you can always say, "I'd love to, but the only things I'm serving these days are breast milk and frozen pizza. Maybe next year!"

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  • Wearing Sweats With No Intention of Working Out

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    So, you've got a mom uniform, who cares! You've earned it. For what your days entail, you want and deserve to be comfortable, right? 

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  • Bailing on Relatives

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    Your mother-in-law has some new curtains she wants to show you. You know what sounds like a simple visit could take upwards of four hours. If you don't have the strength to tell her the truth (that you'd rather have a root canal), you can always use the kids as an excuse. Wait, is Tommy coming down with a fever? Better not take any chances!

  • Cleaning Up

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    The housework is going to have to wait -- there's no way you can keep up with those dirty dishes and care for a newborn. Unexpected guests know you've got your hands full. A single person living alone could never get away with this level of disorder!

  • Flaking on Plans

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    When you've got kids, people are WAY more understanding of your flaking on plans at the last minute. Though you may have been thrilled at the idea of catching up with all your neighbors on a Friday night, by the time it rolls around, you might rather sit on the couch in sweats (see slide #5!) and your pals will totally get it.   

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  • Running Late

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    Having even one child is enough of a reason for arriving late to any or all destinations. But if you've got a whole brood, your tardiness is completely understandable. 

  • Speeding

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    "Officer, I know I'm over the speed limit, but my baby has diarrhea -- do you smell that? If I don't get him home and out of that nasty diaper soon, he'll have a terrible rash!" Or, "I'm rushing home to breastfeed!" 'Nuff said!

  • Getting Out of Jury Duty

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    Sure, you could do your civic responsibility, but if you're looking to get out of jury duty, having dependent children ages 12 and under is a valid excuse for skipping it. Unless you're hoping for an interesting trial, like your very own Good Wife episode come to life, let your little ones serve as a valid excuse to ditch.

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