12 Natural Parenting Myths That Are Just Plain Not True

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As much as we like to think we're not being judgy, when it comes to parenting, most of us tend to slot fellow moms into one of a few different categories. And when it comes to those who subscribe to a natural parenting lifestyle, the first word that might come to mind is "crunchy." There are plenty of misconceptions about being a natural parent being spread around, but we wanted to clear the air once and for all. Here is the real deal about natural parenting. 


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While people might assume (and we all know what happens when we do that) there's one cookie-cutter version of the philosophy, they're very, very wrong. Natural parents have all sorts of different practices that they favor, and the misinformation about what a natural parent does seems to be very widespread. We found real mothers who were willing to share which natural parenting practices their family does, and which myths they'd really wish would go away. Because as mothers, we should all be supporting each other -- not judging. 

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We consulted with some moms who have embraced natural parenting to find out which preconceived notions are major misconceptions. Keep reading to find out which myths have got to go.

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