Mom's Genius Cartoons Make Us Think She's Been Spying on Our Families

Liz Alterman | Jul 13, 2016 Being a Mom
Mom's Genius Cartoons Make Us Think She's Been Spying on Our Families

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Sometimes a sense of humor is the only thing that gets a busy mom through the day. (The occasional smile, a kiss on the cheek, and a big ole pouring of the elixir of her choice after bedtime don't hurt either.) No one captures this better than Kate Kirby of the blog Hurrah for Gin. Kirby is the genius behind these clever and hilarious illustrations that are so relatable we might just wallpaper our home with them. Seriously.

Kirby told CafeMom that she started the blog mainly for her own amusement and never really expected so many people to read it.

"Of course, it's lovely to find people enjoying it though," the mom of two explained. "I tend to write or draw my cartoons in the evenings, but now [that] my biggest is at school and my littlest is at preschool I have more time in the day too. I fit in around my other freelance work and greetings cards business." 

So, clearly, not only does Kirby have killer wit, but she also boasts plenty of energy. Her first book comes out in early October and she says it "will be 30 chapters all about the funny, real, and raw sides of parenthood going from being pregnant to starting school."

She adds, "It will be punctuated by my stick figure cartoons, too, of course!"

Impressive! But how do her kids feel about having a cartoonist for a mom? 

"They don't really care," Kirby says. "My littlest doesn't understand yet and my biggest is far more interested in Lego and Star Wars to be interested in what I'm doing. He just thinks it's boring!"

When those kids become parents themselves, we're certain they'll treasure their mom's humor. And in the meantime, Kirby is amassing plenty of fans from legions of parents who are right there in the trenches with her.

  • Early Risers

    Image via HurrahforGin/Facebook

    Oh, that Daylight Saving Time can be a killer with kids. It's a long day when you start it at 4 a.m., that's for sure! But, hey, look on the bright side -- they should be exhausted by 6 p.m. You should go to sleep then, too, so you can do it all over again tomorrow!

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  • Pinterest vs. Reality

    Image via HurrahforGin/Facebook

    Don't let the illusion of perfection fool you. Plenty of those Pinterest DIY-ers probably have Cheerios stuffed under their couch cushions too, right?? 

  • Snow Way

    Image via HurrahforGin/Facebook

    Kids catch on quickly to the fact that you're totally disoriented first thing in the morning, particularly before that first cup of coffee! They're hoping you won't notice what time or even what month it is. You have to hand it to them -- they're pretty clever.

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  • Day vs. Night

    Image via HurrahforGin/Facebook

    Suddenly the child who had no time for you at noon can't live without you at 7 p.m. Once it's bedtime, all bets are off and your independent child can morph into a needy stranger in seconds. Extracting yourself from his or her bedroom requires the skills of a hostage negotiator. Good luck. 

  • Savor the Silence

    Image via HurrahforGin/Facebook

    The same kids you were convinced were trying to drive you crazy with their antics all damn day now seem positively adorable as they're sleeping like little angels. Take a picture and savor these moments.

  • Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

    Image via HurrahforGin/Facebook

    You just know that when your little one suddenly turns on the charm he's up to something. Is there an ice cream truck around? Does he want to have a friend sleep over? More screen time? Enjoy the buttering up while it lasts, 'cause once he gets what he wants, he'll be long gone. 

  • Tea Parties That Are Tough to Swallow

    Image via HurrahforGin/Facebook

    You don't want to hurt their feelings but, man, what is in this stuff? You'd better check your pet food supplies because there's a strong chance you're consuming your cat's dinner -- and you don't want to have to run to the grocery store with tuna breath.

  • Happy Ending

    Image via HurrahforGin/Facebook

    Some days feel longer than others, but knowing that your kids are safe and snuggled in bed works some kind of magic that makes you forget all the struggles -- until you're up at the crack of dawn doing it all over again.

  • Blue Plate Special

    Image via HurrahforGin/Facebook

    Whether it's dinnerware or the right shirt or sippy cup, little ones can have VERY strong opinions. Of course, they also have no concept that moms aren't mind readers, so naturally they expect us to have everything the second they demand it. 

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  • Angels & Devils

    Image via HurrahforGin/Facebook

    Of course the kids are good for the grandparents. Grandma's questions go like: "Honey, do you want cookies or ice cream?" while Mom's questions are more like, "Can you tell me where you hid the car keys and why you peed in the hallway?"

  • Spoiler Alert

    Image via HurrahforGin/Facebook

    Kids love to take the fun out of the very idea of sleeping in. Even with room-darkening shades, they'll still be up before the roosters demanding cereal and your smartphone.

  • Fantasy vs. Reality

    Image via HurrahforGin/Facebook

    Imagine taking a luxurious bath alone? No, you probably can't because it's tough enough just to pee or brush your teeth solo when you've got little ones. But that doesn't mean you should give up the dream. 

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  • Lots of Balls in the Air

    Image via HurrahforGin/Facebook

    Kirby told CafeMom that she also runs a greeting cards company, Gin Bunny Prints, and hopes to grow that while continuing her blog and possibly writing other books too.

    "I'd love to do a children's book in the future," she said. 

    If anyone knows about the art of juggling, it's this funny lady. 

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  • Parenting in Public

    Image via HurrahforGin/Facebook

    Parenting in public definitely requires a neutral tone and oodles of fake smiling. But, it's worth it to perpetuate the persona as the perfect mom, right? Nobody wants to be known as the lady who flipped off her toddler for throwing a tantrum over gummy bears. 

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