Mom's Genius Cartoons Make Us Think She's Been Spying on Our Families

kate kirby hurrah for gin illustration

Sometimes a sense of humor is the only thing that gets a busy mom through the day. (The occasional smile, a kiss on the cheek, and a big ole pouring of the elixir of her choice after bedtime don't hurt either.) No one captures this better than Kate Kirby of the blog Hurrah for Gin. Kirby is the genius behind these clever and hilarious illustrations that are so relatable we might just wallpaper our home with them. Seriously.


Kirby told CafeMom that she started the blog mainly for her own amusement and never really expected so many people to read it.

"Of course, it's lovely to find people enjoying it though," the mom of two explained. "I tend to write or draw my cartoons in the evenings, but now [that] my biggest is at school and my littlest is at preschool I have more time in the day too. I fit in around my other freelance work and greetings cards business." 

So, clearly, not only does Kirby have killer wit, but she also boasts plenty of energy. Her first book comes out in early October and she says it "will be 30 chapters all about the funny, real, and raw sides of parenthood going from being pregnant to starting school."

She adds, "It will be punctuated by my stick figure cartoons, too, of course!"

Impressive! But how do her kids feel about having a cartoonist for a mom? 

"They don't really care," Kirby says. "My littlest doesn't understand yet and my biggest is far more interested in Lego and Star Wars to be interested in what I'm doing. He just thinks it's boring!"

When those kids become parents themselves, we're certain they'll treasure their mom's humor. And in the meantime, Kirby is amassing plenty of fans from legions of parents who are right there in the trenches with her.

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